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A close look at the Maison Fireplace range

Maison’ is French for ‘house’ and it’s a suitable name for this range of indoor fireplaces. MaisonFire has a heating heritage that stretches from 1962 and is now one of the best-known providers of technologically advanced fireplaces.
MaisonFire has two main lines of furnaces – biofuel and electrical. Both these ranges are environmentally friendly. They have no carbon emissions, and they produce no smoke, so they don’t need pipes, flues, or chimneys. The advantage here is they can be positioned anywhere in the room, so they’re far more versatile in terms of style.
MaisonFire pieces are sometimes described as furniture fireplaces because …

Our Beefeater BBQ range

Here at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we have a large range of barbeque units to suit every style, taste, and budget. Our Beefeater series has various options, so whether you want a countertop unit, a portable grill on wheels, or a kettle-shaped barbeque, we have one for you.

Regarding kettle grills, our Bugg grills are available in amber and black. They have dome-shaped lids for the perfect roast and have an optional graphite finish. The BB18324 is a portable table-top unit that’s ergonomically designed for easy handling. It has removable shelving on either side that can be …

Courtyard pizza oven

In Italy, wood fire pizza ovens are known as Forno – or simply a wood oven. These ovens are generally built as outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens and use wood as the heat source for cooking. There are two types of pizza ovens – white ovens and black ovens. The difference between the two is that one uses wood and the other uses a bi-product fuel – gas. To heat up a black oven, you need to insert wood into the chamber; the food is then cooked in the same chamber next to where the fire is simmering. …

What Should an Outdoor Kitchen Comprise Of?

Building an outdoor kitchen is an exciting but challenging task. You have to be able to work with the space that is available to you and stay within your budget while achieving the overall look and practical elements that you desire. To give you a hand, we’ve put together a few examples of how you can equip your outdoor kitchen.
Rustic Charm
One of the most desirable outdoor kitchen looks is the rustic countryside feel. You might be living in the middle of bustling city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a mini retreat in your very own garden!
Start off with …

A close look at the Alfresco Factory Wildfire Midi Pizza Oven

Having your wood-fired pizza oven is the key to heavenly weekends full of fun, friends, and food. And as long as you have a little yard space, you can install one in less than a day and begin to enjoy awesome alfresco meals anytime you want.
At Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we specialise in giving you the hardware to make and bake great food. Our ovens come in various shapes and sizes, and our ovens are fully organic wood-fuelled units. As for the pizza ovens, you have two options. You can install it yourself for the full DIY experience, or …

Realflame Sale This Weekend!

Weekend Sale


We are holding a special flash sale this weekend for all our heaters and pizza ovens!

For this sale, we’ll be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

As always, thank you for shopping with Sydney Heaters!

DIY Pizza oven kits – so easy

Can you just imagine it? Using one of our gorgeous wood fired pizza ovens while you and friends sit around with a glass of wine or a beer and just soak up the atmosphere created by that wood fire!

Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens have a wonderful range of Alfresco wood fired pizza ovens that add a touch of *old world charm* to your yard. We can install your new pizza oven for you, alternatively, our DIY kits come with complete instructions so you can put the kit together yourself. All our wood fired pizza ovens are manufactured with premium …

The options for installing your Alfresco Pizza Oven

So you’ve finally made the decision to get a pizza oven. It’s not one that you’ll regret. With your pizza oven, every day is an excuse for a pizza party. No more wrangling the phone, deciding what limited flavour you want, or calculating a complex tip for the delivery guy. Now you simply bake your own pizza at home, and it can be as (un) healthy as you like!
But before you get intoxicated in your pizza baking dreams, you have to set the oven up. If you’re on the market for indoor-outdoor wood fired heaters, Sydney has solutions that will …

Why people love the Beefeater BBQ range we supply

First off, Beefeater is a great name for a barbecue unit. Second, you may or may not know what a Beefeater actually is outside of its non-vegetarian implications. Beefeaters are the stern-faced guards at the Tower of London. They stand completely still and maintain their blank facial expressions despite determined tourist attempts to draw a reaction.
Back in the world of barbecue, Beefeater BBQ units range in style from spaceship-looking designs to units that have their own kitchen sink. They are well-made, reliable, and easy to maintain. Choose a tabletop model or a freestanding outdoor unit. At Sydney Heaters …

Why We Love Alfresco Living in Sydney

Who doesn’t love the great outdoors? Our city is an amazing nature fest, filled with gorgeous waterways, rocky outcrops, and lush, green nature. But it’s not just about getting out and about in our parks and vistas that we love – it’s also living a life outside in the fresh air. Cafés with a wealth of outdoor seating are in hot demand, as are our very own outdoor living areas.
If you have a home or apartment in Sydney, the chances are that it comes with a great outdoor entertaining area, be it a courtyard, balcony, or rotunda. While these outdoor …