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While the Aussie barbecue is an iconic part of our culture, wood-fired pizza ovens have recently rivalled the traditional steak or sausage – causing quite a BBQ dilemma.

The reason stirring the BBQ dilemma might be the food itself. While we have happily eaten charred steaks and snags for decades, studies found the high temperatures required for the trademark char can create compounds linked to cancer. For health-conscious folks, this makes barbecue meat less appealing.

Pizza ovens allow you to recreate the taste of Italy in your backyard within seconds. Furthermore, these ovens are incredibly versatile. The intense dry heat roasts, sears, smokes and bakes fish, casseroles, bread and more to perfection, offering far more flexibility than a hotplate or grill alone. It’s a real BBQ dilemma. Thus, let’s look at the advantages of pizza ovens:

Made For Entertaining 

While Barbies are great for social occasions, they have some practical limitations when cooking for larger groups. Trying to time a dozen different steaks perfectly is tricky for even the most seasoned grill master! A pizza oven gets around this issue by allowing continuous cooking. As one pizza comes out, the next one slides in, comfortably feeding groups of 10+ people. 

Furthermore, gathering around artisanal pies fresh from the oven adds an entertaining element, something you don’t get from a tray of sausages. Contributing to the BBQ dilemma, eating barbecued goods sometimes lacks the communal flair of social interaction whilst sharing the same food.

Diet-Friendly Catering

The varied cooking options of a pizza oven easily accommodate diverse diets. The versatility to quickly roast vegetables and dairy-free dishes means vegetarians and vegans aren’t limited. While barbecues tend to cater best to meat lovers, pizza ovens provide more flexibility for groups with mixed dietary preferences.