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Winter Is Coming: Here Is Your Heater Maintenance Checklist

When prepping for winter, it's essential to ensure your heating system is reliable and fully functioning. You certainly don't want to be caught off guard when your appliance fails when you need it most.   While many homeowners have recently taken to contemporary...

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Pizza with a Twist: Exploring Unique Toppings and Flavours

Creating the perfect pizza on a beautifully charred crust with melted cheese and delectable toppings using your outdoor kitchen is an art and can be great entertainment for family and friends! A freshly cooked pizza straight from the oven is something your guests will...

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The BBQ Dilemma: Why Pizza Ovens Are Stealing the Show

While the Aussie barbecue is an iconic part of our culture, wood-fired pizza ovens have recently rivalled the traditional steak or sausage - causing quite a BBQ dilemma. The reason stirring the BBQ dilemma might be the food itself. While we have happily eaten charred...

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Your Guide to Firing Up Your New Jalando Pizza Oven

You’ve done it – you finally upgraded your alfresco area with a brand-new wood-fired jalando pizza oven. Now comes the exciting part of making your inaugural pizza! We understand there might be some nervousness or uncertainty around operating your new prized cooking...

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From Oven to Table: Creative Presentation Ideas for Your Dishes

The culinary world has moved beyond merely preparing delicious food. Today, it’s equally about the presentation - transforming that succulent roast or fluffy soufflé into a visually appealing masterpiece. After all, we eat first with our eyes, making dish presentation...

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Pizza Oven Hacks for Busy People: Quick and Delicious Meals

Here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we know that everyone is living busy lives. From rushing to pick up the kids from school to trying to get a delicious and easy dinner sorted, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the weekday. That's why we've put together our...

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