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What to Look For in Your Wood Burning Heater

During any season it’s important that you keep your home comfortable. Fortunately, wood burning heaters offer a way to create environmentally friendly heat that is beautiful to look at and offers great customization between different model choices. Before you begin...

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Reasons to Choose a Wood Heater

Wood burning heaters offer an efficient way for you to heat your home, add some splendour, and maybe to cook with! They work by burning off firewood in an enclosed metal combustion chamber that produces heat. This heat will radiate across the home. Here are some more...

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Top Benefits of Wood Heaters

Down under we are well known for our scorching hot summers, however people tend to forget that for nearly five months we Aussies are exposed to cold and dry winds which their arrival usually catches us off guard. One day it's a hot summer arvo down at the beach,...

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Best 7 Tips for Safe Summer Barbecues in This Year

It’s summer season and couldn’t be a better time to fire up the barbie and relax in the sun with your friends, family and loved ones. However, don’t forget that barbecues do involve fire and raw meat, and can create a safety hazard for your home. Keep these tips in...

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5 Ways to Use Your Pizza Oven

A wood fired pizza oven is a great investment. It is the perfect statement piece for outdoor areas, generating warmth and exuding soft, romantic vibes. It is also excellent for entertaining and creating a range of tasty dishes that will impress even the fussiest of...

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A close look at our Real Flame gas fireplace series

The concept of a fireplace is one that awakens both warmth and nostalgia. But we live in a technological world where old isn’t always gold. Sometimes, you want a little dose of new in your space, or at the very least, try a little mix-and-match decor. The beauty of...

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Why Electric Heaters Are the Best Heating Option

Winter is just around the corner which is the perfect time to grab a heater for your outdoor area so, you can continue outdoor entertaining the whole year round. Electric heaters are perfect for heating your urban area and in this post, we will find out why. Some...

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Our 5 Decorative Heaters

Heaters offer a great way to keep your home warm during the winter and they come in a different variety of options. The popular ones include electric heaters, wood heaters, and gas heaters. The question you probably like to find an answer to is; which heater is right...

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