The main advantages of having outdoor heating and cooking options this winter

When it’s cold and wet outside, all you really want to do is stay indoors. Unfortunately, you don’t always have that luxury. Sometimes, you just have to go out there and brave the elements in the course of living your daily life. For such occasions, outdoor heating is a blessing, but you do have to make sure you have the right kind.

The most delicious benefit of outdoor heating is sizzling hot food. The main types of outdoor cooking that can be done with outdoor heaters are barbeques and pizzas. When you’re sitting in a cosy spot and inhaling …

Outdoor Winter Party Ideas – Just Make Sure You Have Heating!

Why wouldn’t you want to keep having fun all winter long? Even though the mercury is dropping, there’s no reason why we still can’t have an outdoor party. The only thing to remember is to make sure that you’ve got heating options available for your guests!
So if you’re looking for some frosty inspiration for your upcoming winter do outside, then look no further than these party ideas. Try one, try them all, and get to having fun.
Xmas in July
Everyone’s favourite winter party rolls around again with Christmas in July. Gather together your loved ones, whether they be your friends or …

Gas Heaters VS Wood Fired heaters

It’s really starting to cool down now and sitting inside in front of a heater nice and warm of an evening is one of the best places to be. If you are thinking of buying a new gas heater or wood fire heater for your home there are big differences between the two, so you need to know what is the right style of heating for your home.

Today Sydney Heaters will look at the two most popular forms of home heating – wood fire heaters and gas heaters.

It depends on what you want from your heater …

The advantages of using a wood fire

There is something quite romantic and soothing about a wood fire heater, watching wood burning in a fire seems to take you back to when life seemed a whole lot simpler. Watching those flames however isn’t the only benefit to owning a wood fire heater in your home.
Today more and more people are considering a wood burning stove over other forms of heating and here’s why.

A wood fire heater is cost effective. It’s expensive using electricity to warm your home during winter – so using wood is much cheaper.
It’s better for the environment – it might seem strange …

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Outdoor heating – is it a luxury?

Using Sydney gas heaters in your backyard is no longer the luxury item you only saw at restaurants and bars. Outdoor heaters from Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens are showing up in the homes of more and more people and why not?
Outdoor patio heaters allow you to enjoy your backyard all year round, sitting outside of an evening is just restricted to summer and the warmer nights during autumn and spring. When you have an outdoor patio heater you can have BBQ’s and outdoor parties all year round!

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Outdoor …

Winter pizza party themes

If you are feeling bored this winter or just don’t know what to do, why not invite the family or friends around for a make-your-own-pizza-party! It’s the perfect way to do something different, and if friends and family have kids it will certainly keep them amused and happy! The good thing is, making pizzas is so easy, and your party will be a standout – one your guests will remember!
First, you need to invite everyone, you can start by printing up some personalised Pizza Party invitations. You can give your guests all the details they’ll need – the time and …

Cooking Outside is Therapeutic

Cooking outside is great therapy! It can help heal a broken heart, is a cure for boredom, and can even soothe those jangled nerves.

So why is cooking outside in a wood fired pizza oven so soothing – because it encourages creativity! Cooking pizzas is great for de-stressing, it’s a creative outlet, stress actually numbs your senses while cooking activates them. If you think about it for a moment, it’s mostly a sensory experience – aroma’s, tastes, touch and sound. From spending the time making pizza dough from scratch – if you want – to chopping up vegetables, meats, organising …

Outlandish pizza ideas to try

For many people, Friday is the end of the school/work week and if you have a wood fired pizza oven it’s a good *excuse* for a Friday pizza night! Of course, while making your own home-made pizzas are fun, you don’t *have* to stick to the tried and true pizza shop menu style pizzas – ham and pineapple, supreme, bacon and chicken, meat lover etc. When you can prepare, and cook pizzas at home why not switch it up? Why not try some different pizza topping ideas?

At Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we want to share some pizza topping …