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New Jalando Pizza Oven

You’ve done it – you finally upgraded your alfresco area with a brand-new wood-fired jalando pizza oven. Now comes the exciting part of making your inaugural pizza! We understand there might be some nervousness or uncertainty around operating your new prized cooking appliance. Don’t worry. Following our tips in this guide, you can look like a pro firing up your Jalando pizza oven on day one! The team at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens will ensure you have all the information and accessories you need – from the best firewood to log holders and pizza spatulas.

How to Properly Season Your Wood-Fired Jalando Pizza Oven Before First Use

Seasoning your new pizza oven is a necessary first step whenever you purchase an oven made from ceramic, stone, or brick materials (which gives the oven its signature baking properties). This process heats the masonry surfaces to very high temperatures to burn off debris and seal pores. Furthermore, seasoning allows for even cooking and prevents damage over time.

To season your Jalando, you’ll want to run the oven at max temperature for at least an hour before first use. Let the wood burn with all vents fully open. You may notice some light smoking, and you’ll know it’s ready when the interior floor and dome temperature gauge reaches around 400°C. Let the oven cool completely before starting up again to cook.

How to Start a Fire in Your Jalando  

Starting a fire in your Jalando pizza oven requires just a few simple steps:

  1. Ensure your hopper is filled with quality hardwood  
  2. Open the main oven vent as well as the chimney vent on top all the way  
  3. Let the wood pre-heat for at least 45 minutes at max temperature before cooking

Cooking Your First Pizza in Your Jalando Oven

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for – finally cooking pies in your Jalando pizza oven! Once your oven has pre-heated to the target 400°C temperature after at least 45 minutes, it’s time to start cooking. We recommend trying a simple Margherita-style pizza to get a feel for working with the oven. Start by gently sliding the stretched dough with sauce, cheese, and toppings onto a pizza peel dusted with semolina flour. Quickly transfer the pizza to the centre of the oven stone, rotating every 20-30 seconds. You’ll be amazed as melty, charred perfection is achieved in just 60-90 seconds! 

Take the Next Step and Bring Home Wood-Fired Pizza Magic!  

If you don’t have a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen yet but love entertaining, get in touch via our online contact form or call Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens at 1300 938 346 to schedule a free consultation on which size and model of the premium Jalando pizza oven best suits your outdoor space. As leading designers and installers of pizza ovens for over ten years, we will handle the licensed building and installation process with ease. Life’s too short not to have wood-fired pizza on demand at your fingertips!