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BBQs for every home

There’s nothing better on warm summer evenings or weekends than firing up the BBQ. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply relaxing with the family, a gas BBQ is the perfect way to bring people together. Here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we’ve got a huge range of BBQs to suit any outdoor area. From smaller, space-saving options to fully integrated custom outdoor kitchens, we offer it all.

Space-saving gas BBQs

If you don’t have a spacious outdoor area, explore our range of incredible space-saving BBQs for sale in Sydney. Often, setting up a large BBQ in a small area means you sacrifice comfort; there’s less room for tables and chairs, and it’s difficult to move around. The best solution is installing one of our smaller BBQ models, such as the Beefeater Bugg range. Available in standalone or benchtop varieties, even the smallest outdoor deck or patio can benefit from a Bugg.

The BBQ basics

If you’ve got a little more space but don’t want anything over the top, we stock a great selection of quality three and four-burner BBQs that are more than capable of cooking up a feast. From the Beefeater Discovery with a hood to the Clubman uncovered model, there’s something for every budget and every home. With these budget-friendly models, you’ve got ample space for cooking, storage, and they’re even easy to move because they’re on wheels!

Upgrade with extra storage space

Depending on your outdoor setup, you may find it beneficial to have some closed storage space as part of your BBQ. Many of our Beefeater models come with cupboard space underneath, meaning you’ve always got somewhere to store BBQ tools, cleaning supplies, and even outdoor plates and cutlery. Built to withstand the elements, the doors underneath your BBQ not only look great but keep all your gear protected from the weather. No more back and forth from the kitchen when it’s time for a BBQ because it’s already right where you need it.

Premium gas BBQ models

For the serious BBQ fanatics out there, we’ve got a selection of the best BBQs in Sydney. Take, for example, the Beefeater Signature 3000S Premium, which features stainless steel burners, plates and grills. It also has a side burner and a roasting hood with a glass window. There are plenty more models to choose from, available in four and five-burner configurations with plenty of storage space and strong frames that are built to last.

If you want to get more out of your outdoor cooking experience, we’ve got the perfect BBQ for your needs.

Benchtop BBQs

If you’ve already got bench space in your outdoor area and don’t want to add a full standalone BBQ unit, we’ve got benchtop models to suit. From budget-friendly models through to the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with a Beefeater or Castworks Morso benchtop barbecue in Sydney.

Using a benchtop BBQ means you’ve got more space for seating, and they also perfectly complement our range of outdoor kitchens. If you’ve got a unique or complex outdoor area, talk to us about custom outdoor kitchen design. We can even include one of these beautiful benchtop BBQs.

The best brands

We believe our customers deserve the best, which is why we stock a boutique range of BBQs that we trust. Beefeater and Castworks Morso offer the best of both worlds, providing stunning visual appeal, design variety and durability; they’re made for high-performance. We only sell the best BBQs in Sydney that we’d be happy using ourselves. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, don’t take the risk with cheap imitations. Choose a gas BBQ that adds value, comfort and gives you the lifestyle you deserve.