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Gas Heaters Sydney

Gas Heaters Sydney With fast on/off switching, gas heaters deliver exceptional heating and optimal convenience. Choose from our variety of unique gas-fired fireplaces, including contemporary and classic gas fireplaces and gas fire pits.

If you’re looking for a heater that’s aesthetically appealing and simple to use, gas heaters are a stylish and convenient choice. These beautifully designed heaters are available in a wide variety of styles, with features that can be customised to your liking. Whether you prefer ceramic logs or pebbles, you’re free to select the design elements that suit your space.

There are several advantages to installing a gas heater at your home, mostly involving their ease of use. When you’re ready to light your gas heater, you simply flip a switch and the flames instantly appear. There’s no need to kindle a fire with wood and matches or a lighter.

There’s also no need to maintain an ongoing supply of wood to use your heater. With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry about running out of wood or having to rush to a nearby shop to replenish your stock. Instead, your fireplace will be connected to a natural gas line when it is installed.

In general, gas heaters require minimal upkeep and maintenance, especially when compared with their wood-fired counterparts. With a gas heater, you don’t need to collect and dispose of the ash that would be created if you were burning wood. Gas heaters are also ideal if you’re sensitive to smoke since they don’t need to burn materials to run.


Are gas fireplaces worth the money?

There are several reasons why people find gas fireplaces more cost-effective than other solutions. Predominantly, heat pumps use a considerable amount of electricity. Wood heaters require the purchase of wood (and the time spent cutting, stacking and bringing it inside). Gas fireplaces require a simple gas connection and are extremely efficient to maintain, meaning fewer repairs and virtually no cleaning.


The advantages of a gas fireplace

  • No smoke
  • Cost-effective to run
  • Stunning visual appeal
  • Instant heat and easy use
  • Doesn’t require wood and the extra associated work
  • A wide range of styles to choose from



Contact Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens for more

Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens offers a vast selection of indoor and outdoor gas heaters in a variety of styles and designs. Whether you’re looking for a built-in gas fireplace, a freestanding heater or a fire pit, we have plenty of options to suit your style and budget.

Our products are manufactured by leading Australian and international heater companies, including Pacific Energy and Real Flame. Learn more about our extensive range of gas heaters by exploring the products below.

Our team is licensed to perform all gas and wood heater installations in Sydney. This includes all associated parts and any structural work required to accommodate inbuilt gas heaters. We’re your one-stop shop, and we can even take care of any repairs or maintenance you require.