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We Australians love entertaining in our gardens and alfresco areas, but it can become quite uncomfortable once the evening chill sets in during our colder months. This is where a premium outdoor Real Flame heater can make all the difference.  

Why You Need an Outdoor Gas Heater

Outdoor heating allows you to create a special ambience for memorable gatherings with friends and family, as a Real Flame heater conveniently and affordably transforms your exterior space into a cosy, inviting area with its welcoming warmth. From relaxed weekend barbies to sophisticated dinner parties, guests can relax and linger longer without retreating indoors to avoid feeling cold.

Choosing the Right Real Flame Heater 

With the wide range of outdoor heaters available, how do you choose? Freestanding or portable heaters are more affordable, with gas-powered versions offering more efficient heating than electric models. However, a permanent built-in system like the Real Flame Exuro is the superior choice for truly effective heating that warms a whole area. 

Such a Real Flame heater is discreetly integrated into your outdoor space and has high heat output to warm larger zones in a cost-effective way. Built to last with smart safety features, the Real Flame Exuro will enhance your outdoor area for years.

Why the Real Flame Exuro Stands Out

The innovative Exuro outdoor fireplace represents the gold standard in alfresco heating. Its clean lines and sleek black or stainless-steel trims allow it to blend seamlessly into your decor. With no visible gas cylinders or cords, it creates a sophisticated focal point with its glowing flames and warmth behind the glass casing, needing minimal cleaning.

The sleek design of the Real Flame heater means it can be installed virtually anywhere outdoors without requiring a flue or chimney. You can easily integrate the Exuro into existing or new walls, features, fences, planters and structures, as its features beautifully coordinate with diverse aesthetics from stone to painted weatherboards.  

Constructed from premium materials and components, the Real Flame Exuro withstands harsh outdoor conditions, from scorching summers to winter downpours. 

The Exuro gas fireplace runs on either natural gas or LPG for maximum versatility, so you’re covered whether natural gas is available. With easy push-button ignition, the Real Flame heater delivers instant comforting warmth without messy fire building required while intelligently sensing temperature changes and adjusting output to maintain your preset level of warmth. This hands-free convenience means more time with loved ones and less time managing the fire.  

Owning a Real Flame Exuro transforms your outdoor areas into welcoming spaces on cool spring and autumn nights for longer enjoyment with a delightful ambience.

Ready For A Real Flame Exuro?

Look no further than this premium Real Flame heater if you seek the best in luxury outdoor living and entertaining. Contact the knowledgeable team at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens or call 1300 938 346 today to discover how the Exuro outdoor heater can create a magical hub for entertaining, whatever the season or weather!