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You can comfortably use your backyard all year round by making it a warm and inviting place. One way to do so is by installing an outdoor gas heater. Not only does it create a beautiful centrepiece, but it heats the space evenly, no matter the size.

Your family will enjoy the time spent there, and entertaining guests becomes easy. Additionally, including a heater in your alfresco dining area adds value to your home, a plus for most homeowners.

Discover why you need an outdoor gas heater in your backyard.

Benefits of outdoor gas heaters

Unlike wood fireplace heaters, outdoor gas heaters provide steady brilliant heat. They are best positioned in the middle of the entertaining space to make them more effective.

Although the most reliable models are immobile, one can easily get portable heaters that can move from the porch to the pool area.

Benefits of having an outdoor gas heater include:

1.    Outdoor gas heaters heat up quickly

Unlike wood-burning heaters, outdoor gas heaters ignite quickly and take less time to heat the entire entertainment area. Compared to electric heaters, they can also heat a much larger area.


2.   Year-round usage

Once you install an outdoor gas heater, your backyard will be warm and comfortable all year. You can entertain your family and guests anytime without worrying about the weather.


3.   Elegant designs

Outdoor heaters are available in different stylish designs for every type of home. Finding one that suits and stands out in your contemporary or traditional home setup is possible.


4.   Outdoor gas heaters are safe to use

Most manufacturers ensure their gas heaters are safe for home use by adhering to all safety standards. They do not have an open flame, and the base is always cool to the touch. There is also a safety valve that one can use to switch off the heater in case any issues arise.


5.   Affordability

Outdoor gas heaters are fairly affordable, particularly when considering that they provide adequate heating at a reasonable price and last a long time.

Factors to consider when choosing an outdoor gas heater

The ideal outdoor heater to install depends on your needs and the available space. Before settling for one, consider the following factors:

  • Size of your outdoor space. Gas heaters are ideal for heating large areas as they warm up quickly.
  • The type of construction. A gas heater is the best option if your backyard is partially or entirely open, as it performs best in well-ventilated areas.
  • Availability of gas. Gas heaters use a propane tank or natural gas, so one should be readily available and have the space required to install it. You only need to plug it in and light the fireplace.


As the market evolves, so will the available outdoor heating options. One is not limited to wood, gas, or electric heaters, as your needs, preference, and overall benefits determine your decision. If you want combustion heaters for your Sydney home, contact Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens today for a quote.

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