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Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that you have to go hiding inside all winter, locking yourself away like Rapunzel in her tower. Are you serious?! Get out there and enjoy yourself outside – all you need is to warm up a little bit, and outdoor heating is the ideal solution to save you from any over the top chill.

Australian winters are mild, by anyone’s standards. If you’ve ever headed across to Europe during the winter time, then you’ll know just how easy we have it. In Sydney, you can expect temperatures on average in winter to range between 8.8 degrees and 17 degrees. It’s not exactly freezing! You don’t even need a down coat for that sort of weather. A few layers, a coat and scarf will see you through anything, and temperatures in winter can even get warm enough for t-shirts and shorts at times.

During winter during the day, so long as it’s not raining, it’s pretty pleasant being outside most days. If you have an outdoor entertaining area, then there’s nothing wrong with a winter barbeque. Even as temperatures drop later in the day, so long as it’s not raining, you’ll be able to stay outdoors – although it may cool down considerably.

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When it starts to cool down is when you’ll want to turn on your outdoor heating. You do have outdoor heating, don’t you? Most people that like to entertain these days have at least an outdoor column heater to help keep them warm outdoors in summer.

What are the other outdoor heating options that are available that are going to keep you warm over winter, then? Well, you have plenty to choose from – electric, gas, and wood-fired options.

You have classic choices like a fire pit or a large wood-fired pizza oven (yes, it cooks pizza, too, of course). Other choices that are a bit of an update are items like your stand up column heaters or wood-fired chimneys. There are overhead bar heaters that can be electric or gas.

Then you have more premium options like outdoor fireplaces in wood or gas that are built-in and look exactly like built-in fireplaces that you would see indoors, or the newly imagined fire table, which is similar to a coffee table but with fire emanating from the centre of the table.

Want to chat about your options for outdoor heating? We’d love to help out. Either pick up that phone and give us a call or drop by our shop to can in and chat with one of our friendly heating experts. We can help point you in the right direction for your heating.