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If you dream of a Mediterranean vacation but your budget won’t let you, why not create a courtyard that exudes those same relaxed and beautiful vibes? One way to do that is by adding an alfresco pizza oven, a quintessential part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. And where better to source your pizza oven than at Sydney Heaters – home to a wide range of appealing solutions?

Below is a detailed guide on how to create a Mediterranean-inspired courtyard with an alfresco pizza oven.

Plan the Layout

Step number one is to plan the layout of your courtyard. Consider the available space and how you intend to use it. Do you want a separate dining area, lounge area, or both? Do you want to add some greenery or a water feature? A fire pit or a BBQ area? Sketch your ideas on paper, including the location of your alfresco pizza oven.

Create a Pizza Station

Now it’s time to set up your pizza station! Place your alfresco pizza oven in a prominent location and surround it with a countertop or a table where you can prepare your ingredients and assemble your pizzas. The countertop should be at an eye-level height that the kids can reach to help make delicious pizzas. Ensure you have all the necessary tools, such as a pizza peel, a pizza cutter, and a brush for cleaning the oven.

Choose the Right Pizza Oven

Regarding pizza ovens, you have several options: wood-fired, gas-fired, and electric. The most authentic and traditional option is a wood-fired oven, which gives your pizza a crispy crust and smoky flavour. Here, we offer a variety of wood-fired ovens in different sizes and styles to suit your needs and preferences.

Select the Materials

The Mediterranean style is all about natural and rustic materials like stone, terracotta, and wrought iron. Use these materials to create your courtyard’s flooring, walls, and decorative elements. Don’t forget to add some colourful tiles or mosaics for a touch of whimsy.

Add Seating and Lighting

Your courtyard won’t be complete without some comfortable seating and lighting. Choose functional and stylish furniture, such as wrought iron or wooden benches, chairs, and tables. Don’t forget to add some cushions and pillows for extra comfort. As for lighting, opt for warm and ambient lighting, such as lanterns, string lights, and candles.

Incorporate Different Garden Plants

Mediterranean gardens are productive spaces incorporating herbs, shrubs, flowers, and fruits for family use. You can plant roses, grapes, rosemary, oranges, and lavender. The good thing is that most of these plants can thrive in pots making the Mediterranean style ideal for small courtyards.

Enjoy Your Mediterranean Paradise

With your courtyard complete, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your Mediterranean paradise. Invite your friends and family for a pizza party, or unwind with a glass of wine and a good book. Your alfresco pizza oven will be the centrepiece of your courtyard, providing you with delicious and authentic pizzas that transport you to the Mediterranean.

Wrapping Up

Ready to create your Mediterranean-inspired courtyard? Call us at 1300 938 346 or visit Sydney Heaters & Pizza Oven today and explore our range of pizza oven kits and other wood-fired outdoor pizza oven options.

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