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A chilly winter is no reason to miss out on the yummy goodness of a pizza. A wood pizza oven works just as well in winter as in summer, so get outside and throw a winter pizza party.

There is no excuse not to use the wood fired outdoor pizza oven – all it requires is preparation to go outside and fire it back to action. Once the fire gets going, standing in front of it in the cold courtyard is warm and cosy.

Just remember to layer clothing because it does get more than warm once the oven heats up and the pizza-making begins.


Is a Wood Pizza Oven Safe Outdoors in Winter?

Any outdoor wood pizza oven can survive all weather. They are built to last but remember to keep the oven door tightly shut during wet weather so the interior remains dry.

It becomes harder to heat when moisture from ice or snow goes into the oven. That makes it take longer to cook, so cover the chimney top with a steel cap or a terracotta cap to keep out the moisture.


What Could Happen If A Little Water Gets into The Wood Pizza Oven?

When moisture seeps into the oven’s cooking surface, upon firing, the water evaporates and steams up the oven. This process leads to spalling, the gradual development of hairline cracks, and pitting on the oven, eventually destroying it.

If some moisture gets into the oven, light a small fire inside and let it burn for an hour or so. That will dry it out in time for the upcoming winter pizzeria.

Do not leave the oven outdoors at the mercy of the elements to keep the oven safe throughout the year. If the outdoor oven is portable, carry it into a shed; otherwise, cover it to keep it dry from rain, strong winds, and storms.


Heating an Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven

Before lighting the oven, confirm that it is dry, then clean out the debris from the interior and the cooking surface. The lower temperatures will require more wood and time to heat the oven sufficiently for cooking than during warmer times.

Keeping the oven hot on a winter night is another reason to keep the fire going. Since the oven is cold before firing up, it is good to start heating it early to warm the wood pizza oven to the appropriate temperature.

Sometimes winter days get dark early, so it is best to consider bringing a lamp to manage the wood pizza oven safely. Another precaution is the prevailing weather condition. In case of high winds, bank on the convenience of moving the pizza oven to a sheltered location. If the outdoor pizza oven is not portable, consider waiting until the weather is not so windy.


Plan for a Pizza Party this Winter

If you have been doubtful about throwing a pizza party for your family and friends during winter, you’ve been missing out on the action. At Sidney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we offer wood pizza ovens that will make entertaining easy every season of the year. Contact us today for a wide range of pizza ovens and installation.

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