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When prepping for winter, it’s essential to ensure your heating system is reliable and fully functioning. You certainly don’t want to be caught off guard when your appliance fails when you need it most.


While many homeowners have recently taken to contemporary gas heaters as an alternative to traditional wood fired heaters due to their sleek appearance, convenience and easy maintenance, no matter the fuel of your appliance, heater maintenance is one of the most important chores you should complete now to keep your home cosy and warm during the colder months. To guarantee your household appliance will perform efficiently and not pose any safety risks, here is your heater maintenance checklist to ensure your home stays comfortable and toasty this winter.


Wood-Heater Maintenance

The secret to efficient wood heating isn’t just the heater itself but how the appliance is used and serviced. Regular heater maintenance is crucial for its efficiency, so here are our top tips to help you properly maintain and stay safe with your wood heater:


  • Get your flue professionally cleaned regularly
  • Minimise creosote and resin build-up to prevent flue fires
  • Make it a habit to inspect your flue for smoke outside
  • If your flue is smoking excessively, you’re wasting fuel, heat and possibly causing unnecessary emissions
  • Use a fireplace guard if you have children for added precaution
  • Always have a working smoke alarm installed in your home
  • Never dry clothes directly on the wood fire
  • Never use combustible liquids like gasoline, oil or kerosene to start the fire


Gas-Heater Maintenance

Turning the heat and realistic flames on with the push of a button without having to chop and store wood, let alone clean the ashes, makes gas heaters so popular. While these contemporary devices are very efficient in heating homes, gas heater maintenance is essential to ensure the appliance operates safely. Here is the checklist to ensure your gas heater performs at its optimum this winter:


  • Get your gas heater serviced professionally annually
  • Ensure vents and flues are free from obstructions such as bird nests or leaves for proper ventilation and airflow
  • Clean the exterior of your gas heater regularly to avoid dust or lint build-up, potentially causing fire
  • Check dust filters and replace them as needed for optimal performance
  • Read through the operational manual again to avoid misuse and follow safety protocols
  • Rearrange upholstery furniture and keep fabrics like tablecloths at a safe distance
  • Always pay attention to smells indicating a gas leak
  • Ensure your carbon monoxide alarms are fully functioning


Contact Us for annual Heater Maintenance

Nothing beats the cosy atmosphere that dancing flames create. Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens offer a wide range of beautiful inbuilt and free-standing gas and wood-fired heaters in many styles and designs. For Australians wanting to continue socialising in their Alfresco area when the weather gets chilly, we also offer decorative pit fireplaces for outdoor relaxation or evening entertainment. Contact us for wood and gas heater maintenance or installation inquiries.

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