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Our team is incredibly excited to introduce our newest range of Jalando pizza ovens. Here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we do all that we can to ensure our customers have access to the highest-quality products. 

Jalando Wood Fired Pizza Ovens is a family business like ours and has been around since 2012. All their pizza ovens are proudly Australian-made and heat up to 700 degrees Celsius. With incredible heat retention, they can be used for up to two hours after the fire goes out.


Jalando Pizza Ovens 

Aside from the quality, one of the main reasons why our team loves the Jalando pizza ovens is the range and versatility that they provide. Listed below are the current types that we stock. 


JA70 Real Brick

The JA70 Real Brick pizza oven is the smallest in the Jalando range. However, it packs a punch. This pizza oven measures a metre wide and is a perfect addition to a small garden or backyard in Sydney. A great benefit of the smaller size of this pizza oven is how affordable it is compared to the larger models. 

The oven has enough space for two medium pizzas or one large one. The small size and high heat retention definitely make this oven worth every cent!


JA70 Crema

With its sleek design, the JA70 Crema is a perfect addition to any backyard in Sydney. There’s no need for any initial setup, and it can be easily moved with the help of some friends. For the cooler months, there is also a water-resistant cover available for purchase. This allows you to use your brand-new pizza oven all year round, cooking up some winter recipes that aren’t just pizza. 


JA70 Tiled

The JA70 Tiled pizza oven is fantastic for those who are looking to add to the aesthetic of their home. Coming in a range of finishes, such as white penny round tiles or rectangular options with a marble effect, there is something for every kind of backyard. 


Jalando DIY Kits

For those who feel up to it, Jalando offers a wide range of DIY kits. This is a great way to reduce the investment of a pizza oven and work on the project together as a family. The range of DIY pizza ovens also allows for a wider selection than those listed above. All of the DIY kits still have the same heat retention properties as the pre-built models. 


Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re looking for a Jalando pizza oven or a heating solution, our team is here to help. Located in Sydney, we offer a range of heating and wood stoves. We pride ourselves on offering expert advice, along with finding a solution that works for you and your family. If you’re interested in any of our products or services, get in touch with us. In the meantime, follow us on social media or read our blog posts for all of the latest information. 

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