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Last year, many Australian homeowners expressed that the recent surge in energy prices had a huge impact on their budget. However, with the increase between 20 and 25 per cent, the concern about their utility bills is still valid today. Thankfully, there are new ways to lower heating expenses, one of them being using a pellet heater. Along with proper insulation, these modern appliances provide much higher efficiency than open fireplaces and wood-fired heaters due to their use of pellets for fuel and the small number of particles they emit into the air.


Eco-Friendly Solution

Wood pellets made from cut-offs, sawdust, and shavings are carbon neutral. The renewable fuel is mostly produced by compressing dry, natural wood waste into round, elongated pieces with a standard length of around 30 to 40mm and a 6-10mm diameter. Compared to firewood, wood pellets take up very little space. Most commonly bought in 15-kilo bags, they can be stored until used with pellet heaters in the colder months.


Clean and Safe Heating

Despite their high efficiency, the best pellet heaters are eco-friendly alternatives to heaters using coal, oil, and natural gas, commonly known as fossil fuels. Wood pellets produce very little air pollution and creosote, a by-product of combustion fumes consisting mainly of highly flammable tar that sticks to the chimney walls and can be highly dangerous when not regularly cleaned.


Consistent Heat Output

Unlike firewood, which can vary in quality and moisture content, wood pellets offer consistent heat output. They provide a more stable and comfortable indoor temperature without the inconsistencies associated with burning different-sized logs and types of wood.


Minimal Smoke and Smell

Compared to wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, pellet heaters only produce minimal pollution and odour, creating a cleaner, more enjoyable indoor environment while still providing the inviting ambience of a fire.


Cost-saving Installation

Pellet heaters are less expensive to install than firewood appliances. Most of them can be direct-vented, bypassing the need to build costly chimneys or flues. Contemporary models are available freestanding or can be inserted into an open fireplace. The best pellet heaters can be used as the primary system or in addition to another heating arrangement to keep the entire home cosy and warm.


Easy to Maintain

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of their pellet heaters, homeowners should develop a proper maintenance routine. This should include regularly cleaning the hopper of unused pellets, the glass insert, and the fire pot and brushing away collected ash and soot after use.


Find the Best Pellet Heaters at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens

Pellet heaters are a convenient and economical heating solution to keep a home comfortable and warm when temperatures drop. Modern appliances are environmentally friendly and additionally more efficient than traditional heating systems, which are not only more costly to install but also emit more particles. Visit our showroom at 151 Briens Road, Northmead, NSW 2152 and choose between the best pellet heaters to keep your home cosy and warm all winter.

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