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The efficiency and the warm cosy ambience that wood fireplace heaters bring to a space can sometimes come with problems. Fortunately, these common issues have solutions, some DIY and some requiring a professional’s input. Whichever way, this guide on troubleshooting wood heaters will ensure the safe and effective use of wood-burning heaters.


Common Wood Fireplace Heaters Problems and Solutions

The following are some problems that crop up with wood heaters occasionally. They could make the heater malfunction. Fortunately, we have offered solutions that go hand in hand with the issue discussed in this guide.


Wood heater not lighting

Either the fire fails to start or starts and goes out prematurely. Ensure that sufficient air flows in and out of the wood-burning heaters. It could be that the fire is not built correctly, so use dry kindling and a dry log or two to start the fire.


Smoking wood fire heaters

The main causes are the draught in the fireplace, insufficient air flowing into the heater, and the wrong fuel, such as wet wood. Smoke is an indication of incomplete combustion. To resolve this, use dry and seasoned wood and open the heater’s air vents slightly.


Smoke not going up the chimney

Poor draught due to a clogged chimney, bad weather, or failure to start a draught before the fire causes this. The way out of the smoky room situation is by cleaning the chimney and warming up the air in the flue to start a draught. Hotter fires with wood that burns quickly and combusts well will eliminate the problem.


Heater emitting smoke

Smoke from wood fireplace heaters shows they have leaks that need sealing. Leaking door gaskets, flues, or on the body of the heater are the culprits. Resolve this as required, either by replacing the door gasket or sealing cracks on the body of the heater. Check the flue and stove for leaks and if the whole heater needs replacement.


Wood burning heaters not burning hot

The reasons why wood heaters fail to give off adequate heat include insufficient wood, yet too much fuel makes them burn too hot. When the heater has poor airflow, it may be caused by clogging in the flue or chimney (due to a lack of frequent cleaning). So, clean the flue, and regulate the amount of wood put into the heater.


Wood fireplace heaters smell when not in use

Wood fire heaters emitting odours could have moisture within or inside the chimney. The moisture could result from burning wet wood or rain entering the chimney.

To avoid the resulting musty odour, address this problem using dry wood that meets the recommended 20% moisture content standard. Have the chimney swept regularly or annually, and burn hotter fires with dry firewood to kill the smell.


Keep Wood Fireplace Heaters in Top Condition

Wood fireplace heaters need maintenance; otherwise, they develop malfunctions that cause discomfort and inconvenience. Contact Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens for top-of-the-range wood heaters, installation, and maintenance services. You can also call us on 1300 938 346.


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