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Besides instilling good behaviour, cooking is one of the best skills you can teach your kids. Knowing how to prepare food is a fundamental skill that helps people care for themselves later in life.

If you’d like your children to join you in the kitchen, one easy way is to make pizzas together. From selecting the toppings to making the pizza dough, your children will enjoy the entire process. Below are some tips on how to get started with pizza cooking with your kids.

Involve Them in Choosing Ingredients

Cooking starts with sourcing ingredients. Take your kids to the local grocery as you shop for flour, cheese, olive oil, toppings, and everything else you need to prepare your pizza. Ask them to choose the ingredients they love most, generating excitement and anticipation.

Once you get home, ask them to set the preparation table and wash the ingredients. Ensure they don’t touch knives and other objects that pose a danger.

Explain the Process

After prepping the table and ingredients, explain the cooking procedure. Children love learning, especially in their early years. They pick up on their surroundings and absorb whatever you tell them.

As a parent, you probably know how your kids like to be taught. Use this approach to explain how to cook pizza. Use the easiest description available, and then invite them to join you.

Allow Experimentation

After explaining the procedure, don’t limit your kids’ creativity. Let them try out new combinations. If it works, you’ll both learn a new recipe. Otherwise, they’ll be more attentive the next time you explain a topic. It’s a win-win situation.

Watch Cooking TV Shows

Watching cooking TV shows is a fun and effective way to teach your kids cooking pizzas. Most of these shows use interactive and simple teaching approaches that won’t bore your children. This is a bonus for parents struggling to explain complex ideas in simple language.

Get on the Same Level

Kids love getting involved in everything. They might be reluctant to join you in cooking pizza because they can’t see what you’re doing. Getting them on the same level is important to follow the procedure.

It sparks their interest if your kids can see and touch the pizza stone and the ingredients. Depending on your child’s height, you can let them stand or place a high seat next to your kitchen worktop. Let them watch as you use the wood-fired pizza oven, explaining how it works and witnessing the change in the dough’s colour and melting cheese.

Allow Questions

Children are naturally curious. When cooking, listen and respond to every question they ask. This makes them feel part of the process, which further piques their interest.

Final Words

Many parents are reluctant to involve their kids in cooking because they usually slow the process or mess it up. However, consider the advantages: it sets them up with a life skill, adds entertainment and encourages them to appreciate their meal.

Moreover, teaching your child improves bonding. It’s also exciting to spend time with your offspring. Pizzas are ideal, as they’re easy to cook, require little clean-up, and everyone adores them!

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