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Many people love pizza as the occasional treat or a traditional delicacy. Initially, pizza was mainly a tomato-based spread with a cheese topping only. However, modern pizza keeps evolving, with hundreds of flavourful topping options readily available.

Besides purchasing pizza from take-out restaurants, making homemade pizza is the best way to surprise your loved ones. You can use a wood fired pizza oven or cook it up on a regular BBQ grill. Unlike baking pizza in an oven, using a wood fired pizza oven intensifies the pizza flavour due to the wood smoke.

The true history of pizza

In ancient Greece, people ate bread with cheese and meat, an initial type of pizza. However, the modern style of pizza originates from Italy. The first classic pizza maker, Raffaele, from the late 1800s in Naples, made the dish for a famous queen. She loved the traditional Margherita pizza, which has colours similar to Italy’s flag today.

Immigrant Greeks and Italians introduced pizza in Australia after the Second World War. Small shops belonging to these families were the first outlets in the cities. By the late 1970s, major chain stores from America were available all over the country. Today, there are over 3,000 pizza outlets in Australia.

The first pizza shop in Australia

In 1961, the first pizza shop, Toto’s Pizzeria, opened its doors in the Carlton neighbourhood of Melbourne. Today, Toto’s pizza place has several chain stores across the country. As a result of being the first in Australia, they received a place in the World Pizza Hall of Fame.

Gourmet pizza in Australia

Restaurants started offering gourmet pizza options on their menu long before the opening of fast-food chain stores. However, unlike pizza shops and takeaway joints that specialise in food delivery, one can sit in and place an order. Gourmet pizzas continue to gain popularity in Australia.

Chefs prepare the pizza from scratch, with the cheese options, toppings, and sauces differing with each order. Some people will want to try seafood as toppings, while others try various vegetables and fruit.

Nonetheless, in our opinion, homemade pizza is the ultimate gourmet pizza. If you are an adventurous lover of food, you get to pick out the wildest ingredients with your loved ones.

Who was the inventor of the Aussie pizza?

Although most people love the original Italian pizza recipes, Australia has a unique kind. Known as the Aussie pizza, it was a creation of the Late Salvatore Bruna of Toto’s Pizzeria.

The Aussie pizza contains tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and the standard breakfast toppings, which vary from eggs and bacon and ham to red onions, peppers, mushrooms, and garlic. Most stores, however, use barbecue sauce as an alternative to tomato sauce. Pineapples are another favourite addition.

How to make pizza using a pizza oven

The first step is to buy a quality wood fired pizza oven. Ask us for recommendations on what best suits your needs and outdoor setting – we’ve got plenty of options available. Next, gather your supplies: wood for the oven, a pizza tray, homemade pizza dough, cheese, spices, sauce, and toppings.

To begin, use the wood to start a fire. Ensure the wood is well lit and produce a nice burning fire without excess smoke. As the wood burns, it will produce hot coals, which you can spread around your pizza oven.

Roll the dough and place it in the middle of the grate, with the hot coal on both sides. Use a fork or tip of a knife to poke holes in the dough once it begins to bubble from the heat.

Keep rotating the dough to prevent the edges from burning until the entire bottom is golden brown. The top side should be light-coloured, with a few bubbles forming on top.

Brush oil onto the dough, then spread your sauce and spices. Finally, add your cheese and toppings in the order you prefer. Remember to keep rotating the dough to prevent it from burning, although a little char is acceptable.

Give it several minutes, and your pizza will be ready to eat. If you prefer the toppings well done, pop the pizza into your indoor oven for a few minutes. The trick to the perfect wood-fired pizza is in controlling the fire. A few burnt pizzas shouldn’t deter you from trying again – you’ll have it right in no time.


The history of pizza is rich in so many cultures. One of Domino’s pizza chain stores in Australia holds the world record for the most number of pizzas made in one hour, so we clearly love our pizza! Add a new dish to your next barbecue party menu.

If you are looking to entertain your family and friends with the best pizza, contact Sydney Heaters today! We offer a wide range of wood fired pizza ovens, suitable for different budgets. 

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