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Spring has sprung, and all around Australia people are enjoying, the cool crisp mornings and evenings and the warm days. In many ways it still feels like summer already, so it’s the perfect time to get the friends and family together to enjoy this fine weather.

A great way to do this is to spend some time outside around your wood fired pizza oven from Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens. Whether you invite friends, family or neighbours enjoy your time with guests, eating some great food, listening to music and just enjoying *the great outdoors*.

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Get planning now, but remember when you do entertain in the warmer months of the year there are a few other things you may want to consider. We want to share a few tips and tricks with you so you can make the most of this time of year with friends, family and your wood fired pizza oven.

Comfort – it’s always important for your guests to be and feel happy and comfortable, this means ensuring everyone has a nice place to sit, there is plenty of food and drink, and, if you are holding your get-together during the day that there is some shade for people to sit in. If you don’t have one already consider buying a pop-up gazebo or put a roof or awning over your entertaining area.

Keep cleaning up simple – Good fun with family and friends can be *rained on* when you have a pile of dishes to contend with. You can avoid the messy clean up by using disposable cutlery, plates, bowls and glasses. These days there are some great *quality* throw-away options so you don’t have to *worry* about those old collapsible paper plates.

Don’t let bugs spoil the day – Flies and mossies can be a real pain at your party, so remove any still or stagnant water – in buckets, flower pot saucers etc. as this is where mossies live, so try using some citronella candles or other outside bug control measures. If you host a lot of outdoor pizza parties you could also consider enclosing your outdoor area, not only will it help keeps bugs at bay it also provides some extra shade.

Outdoor Spring Entertaining Tips

Be prepared for rain – Even the best climate/area can fall victim to unexpected rain, storms and the wind and you may need to take your party inside, so having a backup plan is always a good idea.

Give the kids some fun – if your event includes both adults and children it’s a good idea to provide some activities for the kids too. This keeps the kids busy and the adults can sit back, chat, relax and spend time catching up with friends. From playing games and running around to providing an area where they can make a mess – like an arts and craft area.

Remember to just relax and enjoy yourself, grab a drink, say hello – all the hard work is done!