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Most culinary purists frown at the prospect of pairing fruit with pizzas. They’re a ‘yuck’ combination: pizzas are sacred savoury delicacies that become damp if topped with pineapples, strawberries, or any other fruit. For them, you should only top pizzas with traditional staples like cheese, tomatoes, and vegetables.

However, the dynamics are changing – more people are warming up to the idea of topping their pizzas with fruits. Besides introducing new flavours, fruits highlight pizzas’ seasonality.

So, if you’re organising a pizza party, here are some fruit toppings to explore.


Apples are a popular pairing with cheese, especially cheddar cheese. It’s why many people use it as a pizza topping. Moreover, the apple’s delicate flavour balances with the strong taste of smoked cheeses.

After firing up your pizza oven, use apples and bacon to make the pizza. Applewood bacon and shredded cheddar bring out the best of apple fruit pizzas. You can sprinkle a little blue cheese to accentuate the flavourings.


Pineapples are the most common ingredient in fruit pizza recipes. It’s understandable, as the rich tropical flavour pairs well with the savouriness of popular pizza ingredients like cheese and meats.

Hawaiian pizza is undeniably the most famous pizza recipe that includes pineapples. To make this, spread tomato sauce on the flatbread, then top it with mozzarella, diced ham, and pineapples.

Pineapples also taste great when used on barbeque chicken or red onion pizzas.


Apples and pineapples as pizza toppings sound odd, but strawberries are unorthodox! However, strawberries on pizza are one of the best things you can eat.

The strawberry pizza is a tasty recipe with strawberries, balsamic vinegar, sriracha chilli sauce, shredded chicken, and applewood smoked bacon. The berries add a sugary twist to balance the vinegar’s tartness and the chilli sauce’s sharp taste.


In Sweden, locals love pizzas with banana toppings. They have a specialty called the Tropicana pizza, topped with cheese, curry, ham, pineapples, and bananas. Some US restaurants add peanuts and shrimp to this recipe.

Although bananas on pizza seem weird, it’s surprisingly tasty. If you wish to prepare this, limit the number of bananas used because their sweetness can overwhelm other flavours.


Pears are an excellent choice for pizza topping due to their mild taste. It blends well with nutty flavours, explaining why some people like Manchego, parmesan, or pecorino pizzas topped with pears. The subtle flavour of pears doesn’t overpower other ingredients.


Figs are succulent and have a bold taste, making them a perfect match for cheeses with intense, savoury flavours. The most popular combination is figs with blue cheese.

If you like meaty pizzas, use arugula, creamy goat cheese, or prosciutto in your recipe. Otherwise, top any pizza with figs mixed with caramelised onions.

Wrapping Up

If people held on to traditional recipes, most modern-day delicacies would be non-existent. This is enough reason to serve fruit pizzas at your next dinner party.
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