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Outdoor kitchens are a common feature in many Australian homes. Unlike indoor kitchens, you cook food while enjoying the sun’s warmth and enjoy uninterrupted views of your surroundings. Also, outdoor areas are more spacious and can accommodate more people if you have guests.

Pizza is a wonderful delicacy for parties. It’s why a pizza oven is a must-have in your backyard. With it, you can prepare crispy, finger-licking good pizzas that’ll leave your guest’s craving more!

Although gas is convenient, nothing beats the intimacy, tastiness, and flavourful nature of pizzas prepared in wood-fired ovens. Read on to discover why these ovens aren’t going away anytime soon.

Easy to Install

Outdoor pizza ovens are easy to install and fit seamlessly into your existing backyard kitchen. All you need is a sturdy base using robust materials like bricks, concrete, or steel.

During installation, it’s vital to consider the location. Ensure that your oven is near a shaded area where your guests can sit as they wait for the meal. Please avoid areas with low-hanging trees and bushes because they can pose a safety risk.

Multiple Design Options

Sydney Heaters has a broad range of pizza ovens. Depending on your budget and needs, you choose an oven for huge gatherings or a smaller model for a few guests. Some are even portable, allowing you to make pizzas while camping, hiking, or partaking in other outdoor activities.

Fast and Healthy Cooking

Wood-fired ovens guarantee fast and healthy cooking. The pizzas are tastier than the frozen ones bought at supermarkets. When you fire up the stove, the wood produces heat absorbed by the oven’s walls. Temperatures range between 570 and 600 degrees Celsius, allowing the pizzas to cook and become crispy and soft inside.

Pizza ovens are faster than other ovens, taking two to three minutes to prepare your meal. If you are cooking many pizzas, this fast turnaround time is economical.


Pizza ovens aren’t limited to preparing the famous Italian delicacy. They can prepare other meals, including barbeque ribs, roasted veggies, seasoned potato chips, and smoky sourdough.

Unique Flavour

Pizza ovens guarantee a unique flavour. If you’ve ever tasted something prepared on a wood-fired range, you know the characteristic smoky flavour and unmatched aroma it gives off, something you can’t get from electric ovens.

The high temperatures inside the ovens cook the pizza so well that they become crisp and crunchy. The dough moisture gets sealed inside, guaranteeing softness and puffiness. However, the heat destroys the taste of olive oil, meaning you should drizzle a few drops over the pizza before serving.

Wrapping Up

Italians say that wood is the purest form of preparing pizza. When discovered many centuries ago, people used wood-fired ovens to cook pizza. Although wood isn’t easy to deal with, the smoky, crispy, and tasty pizza it produces makes it a worthwhile try. Ensure that you have everything needed at hand since wood cooks fast.

If you’re looking to relive the past and enjoy the best pizzas, contact Sydney Heaters today. The company has several pizza ovens, suitable for every person’s budget.

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