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When it comes to pizzas if you love the crisp chewy crust of a pizza, loaded with all the toppings you love with a smoky flavour you can’t go wrong when you make your very own pizzas in a wood fired pizza oven. Wood fired pizza ovens not only cook great tasting pizzas, they are also economical and energy efficient.

Wood fired pizza ovens cook faster giving you a healthier and far better tasting pizza than any frozen pizza you can buy. Wood fired pizza ovens are economical because they can cook several pizzas at the same time, AND they can also be used to cook other foods as well. Pizza ovens start around the two-thousand-dollar mark in sizes suitable for courtyards to larger back yards.

With pizza ovens, you get higher cooking temperatures as the heat radiates out from the wood fire spreading around the oven where it is absorbed into the walls of the oven. While heat is radiating around the dome the floor of the oven stays cooler, as the oven heats up – temperatures inside a pizza oven can range between 570 and 600 degrees, which means the ovens ability to maintain a small fire continuously is achieved. Good pizzas are cooked in a great environment such as this.

If you love a good, well-cooked pizza crust – a wood fired pizza oven is definitely for you! Thanks to the high temperatures emanating from the heat that is bouncing off the inside of the ovens walls the pizza is crisped up quickly and any moisture inside the dough is sealed off. This helps stop your pizza dough from becoming soggy – as a result you will have a pizza with a crust that is chewy, yet soft and nice and puffy.

Pizza ovens give you a much faster cooking time than traditional ovens, this is due to the high heat that is stored inside the ovens quite dense walls, it’s this heat that allows the wood fired pizza oven to cook pizza fast, and it can take just 2-3 minutes to cook a pizza – if you are cooking a lot of pizzas, this fast turnaround time is very economical.

Pizza ovens give your pizza a unique flavour. Wood fired ovens are loved by all who own them because they give pizzas a wonderful smoky flavour. This is a flavour you don’t get from your standard household oven. The high temperatures a pizza oven reaches produces great flavours that just aren’t achieved by slower cooking. Because heat destroys the flavour of olive oil leaving none on the dough or sauce, a good quality olive oil is often drizzled over the pizza before serving.

Wood fired pizza ovens give you a lot crisper topping. The consistent flow of heat generated inside a wood burning oven helps to seal the top of a pizza quickly, this gives you crisper vegetable toppings than you get through cooking a pizza in your home oven. The quick cooking inside a pizza oven allows more of the nutrients and vitamins in vegetables to stay, while cheese stays a good colour -without burning, yet takes on a wonderful smoky flavour.