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Creating memories with friends is one of life’s timeless pleasures. Yet, it is easy to let circumstances such as finances, the weather and a busy schedule interfere with your social life. This article showcases a few entertainment ideas that you can try this winter with your friends. Read on to find out how to have fun in the winter with limited time and money.

Outdoor Barbeque Dinner

Eating out can be expensive and time-consuming so cooking at home is an easy alternative. However, whipping up the same dishes week to week can quickly become boring and uninspiring. By installing one of our compact barbeques, you can save time, money and keep home cooking fun. With a small bbq oven, you can prepare affordable meals for a group of friends or family. If you are looking for a barbeque oven which can double up as an outdoor heater in Sydney, then the Castworks Morso or Beefeater barbeques enable you to enjoy your meal and keep your guests warm during cold winter nights.

Homemade Pizza Party

Pizzas are a favoured party meal in Australia, and if you have an outdoor wood pizza oven, they are easy to prepare and more delicious than ever! Homemade pizzas give you the luxury of getting creative by choosing unique topping ingredients and will open the door to a world of culinary opportunities. Our modern woodfired pizza ovens enable you to serve gourmet pizza without the cost. Our quality, leading models include the Alfresco Factory wildfire and Alfresco factory traditional pizza ovens.

Outdoor Movie Night

Everyone loves a good movie. Bring out the popcorn and invite your mates over to enjoy a movie night on an outdoor projector screen. The dark and long winter nights are ideal conditions for your favourite movie marathon. 

However, you will need to consider a high-quality outdoor heater to keep you and your friends warm due to the low temperatures. Our high-performance winter warmers provide a cost-effective solution for your heating needs. You can also use an outdoor wood burning heater for cooking treats such as marshmallows and smores.

Fireplace Game Night

If you don’t have an outdoor entertainment space or prefer to stay indoors, you can gather your friends around a warm fireplace for games night. Enjoying interactive games with friends and family builds relationships and natural bonds.

We have a wide range of fireplaces to suit any taste. Your choice of the heater depends on your preference and access to fuel. We provide gas, electric and wood-burning heaters across the country. We can also install freestanding wood stoves, which are ideal for heating large rooms. Hosting a winter party in Australia is challenging without high-quality space heaters. Our winter warmers have high efficiency and can lower your utility bills significantly.

With a cost-effective heating solution, you can keep the party going for hours. Call Sydney Heaters today on 1 300 938 346 to view our range of winter warmers and barbeques. We also supply and install cost-effective outdoor kitchens.

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