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If you’re looking to entertain in the evenings and provide a warm atmosphere for your guests, you need to know about these backyard editions!

Your backyard can be the best place to host your evening get-together and provide al fresco food with music for your guests. But, how do you keep the festivities going when it starts to get dark out?

Read on to get clued up on the best backyard additions to provide warmth, light, and food so you can keep the party going after dark. This guide will go over the best outdoor wood pizza ovens, outdoor wood-burning heaters, and more.

Backyard Additions to Keep the Party Going After Sundown

Here we will cover the best backyard additions to impress your guests and keep them comfortable all night long.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

You can bring bottomless pizza and prosecco home with woodfired ovens Sydney. Choose from an elegant modern woodfired oven for a chic steel aesthetic or a traditional stone oven if you prefer a more rustic look in your backyard.

You can offer your guests more than just pizza, too! Try some roasted vegetables or meats, and you can even use this oven for baking bread. The woodfired pizza oven is a versatile feature for your yard that will allow you to experiment when dining alfresco.

Pizza ovens can make a great addition to an outdoor kitchen, or they can be a perfect standalone feature. They are low-maintenance and will really wow your guests.

Outdoor Heaters

If you’re keeping things going late in the evening, your guests can don blankets, but what will make them feel really relaxed and at home in your backyard is an outdoor heater. They will no doubt be staring into the flames, enjoying the multisensory, comforting experience.

Select a gas heater embedded in your wall or a gas fire pit to add an elegant ambience to your evening. Not only will your guests remain warm, but the flames will add light to your evening.

You can also opt for a wood heater, available as a freestanding stove unit or wall insert. The authentic rustic feel of a wood-burning heater adds a sense of romance to your outdoor space.


Add to the romance of your evening and create a magical feeling with fairy lights. One of the best ways to use fairy lights outdoors is to wrap your string lights around the trunk and branches of any trees in your backyard. This will give a fairytale feel to all your outdoor gatherings.

You can also use wall-hanging lanterns to brighten up your evenings and make your outdoor space more accessible. Outdoor lighting will also make it safer in your backyard to prevent slips, trips, or falls. This is especially necessary if you are planning to crack open a few bottles of wine!


If there’s anything you need to entertain evening guests without having to move indoors when darkness falls, it’s light and heat. These useful outdoor accessories will help you create a bright, warm space and even add a little romance to your alfresco dinners past sundown.

You can get the best outdoor heaters Sydney has to offer and woodfired pizza ovens from Sydney Heaters. Make your evenings cosy today.

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