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Our top 9 tips on how to host an epic dinner party, with your pizza oven being the star of the show


If you’ve got an outdoor pizza oven, then it’s necessary for you to host an epic dinner party with your wood-fired pizza oven being the star of the show! Dinner parties are always a blast; getting friends and family around to enjoy pizza and good company is a great way to spend the weekend in Sydney.


With our pizza ovens, we can guarantee they make entertaining a breeze. It’s simple, with little to no cleanup, and we promise there is something that everyone will love. Today, we’ve put together our top 9 tips on how to host an epic dinner party with your pizza oven as the star of the show.


Top 9 tips for an epic wood fired outdoor pizza oven party

Tips on How to Host an Epic Dinner Party

1.     Plan ahead of time

If you’re going to have people over for some delicious wood fired pizza, then plan ahead. By taking the liberty to plan ahead, you’re allowing guests to mark their calendars. In addition to this, it gives you a chance to plan. When you send out an RSVP, take the opportunity to ask guests if they have any dietary requirements or food preferences.


2.     Create a menu

Now that you’ve sent out an invite to all of your guests, plan out a menu that works for your outdoor pizza oven. Take into consideration that your menu can be more than just pizza. You should also consider what season it is. If it’s summer, you might want to choose some lighter pizzas.


For autumn events, you can lean into using more root vegetables and heartier pizzas. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your menu, either. Why not add some fruits to redefine pizza or branch out and throw in a dessert pizza or two?


When you’re heading to the shops to gather all of your ingredients, it’s always best to over-estimate rather than underestimate. Having a few extra ingredients is great for days after your pizza party.


3.     Give your guests something to nibble on

One of the biggest perks of an outdoor pizza oven is its versatility. Pizza ovens, when used correctly, can create a huge range of side dishes. There are plenty of lesser known ways that your pizza oven can be used. For an entree, grill a few corn cobs and BBQ vegetable skewers or bake garlic bread.


4.     Consider heating or cooling options

If you’re celebrating the fact that winter is over, then you might need to consider how to keep your guests cool. When hosting a dinner party, you want to ensure guests are comfortable, including temperature. If you’re sitting outside with your outdoor pizza oven in winter, guests will naturally be kept warm. However, if you’re hosting in summer, getting some pedestal fans might be good for keeping guests cool.


5.     Create ambiance

For guests to relax and truly enjoy themselves, they need to be in an environment that’s comfortable. This is done by creating an ambience. There is a range of things that you can do to create an atmosphere that’s relaxing and inviting. We’ve listed just some of these below.


  • Have fun and vibrant music playing in the background.
  • Consider using ambient lighting such as string lights or turning on pendant lighting.
  • Light candles and have them scattered around.
  • Consider scent, and use a room spray or incense.
  • Add a touch of greenery with flowers or foliage.


6.     Use paper plates for easy clean up

A pizza party with your outdoor pizza oven is potentially the easiest setup that a dinner party can have, so why not make the cleanup more manageable, too? With your outdoor wood fired pizza oven, the cleanup of the oven itself is easy, quick and simple. When you host your pizza party, why not use disposable cups, plates and cutlery? Grab yourself some from Amazon and enjoy no cleanup.


7.     Clean and prep the day before or morning off

To create a relaxed and enjoyable time for your guests and yourself, have everything done either the day before or the morning of. There’s nothing worse than running around stressed prior to your guest’s arrival. Take the time to tidy up the house the day before and then prep all of your ingredients and side dishes the morning of. Doing the extra work beforehand lets you have the peace of mind that everything is done, so you can relax.


8.     Create a DIY pizza station

To really let guests fully enjoy themselves, let them create their own pizzas. This is a fun way to give your guests the chance to enjoy a true wood fired pizza. This DIY process is ideal for anyone who is vegan, or vegetarian. Guests can enjoy their pizza with their favourite toppings, and you can cook them easily within a few minutes.


9.     Have fun

This is potentially one of the biggest tips we can give anyone looking to plan an epic pizza party with their outdoor pizza oven, and that’s to have fun. Guests can feel when you’re stressed, so if you’re relaxed, then they’ll become relaxed. A pizza party is for everyone, so enjoy it.


Final Thoughts

Using your outdoor pizza oven to create an epic pizza party is truly one of the best uses. Whether you’re making a dessert pizza, a whole bunch of appetisers or your classic pizza, the experience and flavour it gives is unmatched.


If you’re interested in having an outdoor wood fired pizza oven of your own in Sydney, then get in touch with our friendly team. We offer a range of styles for every size and budget. In the meantime, if you need some inspiration, follow us on social media and read through our blogs for the latest.


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