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A pizza oven is a great appliance to have in your home. An outdoor wood pizza oven gives you the flexibility to try various types of pizza, with no limit on the toppings.

Yet, you don’t have to limit the use of your outdoor oven to making pizzas – you can also use it to prepare several other meals. Your outdoor oven has the versatility to support several other functions. Read on to learn 6 alternative uses for your outdoor pizza oven.

Space Heating

The first alternative function of your pizza oven is not unknown to Australians – you probably already use your pizza oven as an outdoor heater in Sydney. Whenever you are hosting friends or sharing an evening meal with family, your outdoor pizza oven can be a cozy source of heat – it provides the perfect place to gather around and share life stories.

Oven Baking

Making pizza is quite similar to other forms of baking. The distribution of heat in your oven is excellent for baking bread, sourdough buns, cakes and Italian style focaccias. The beauty of baking bread is that you can use the residual heat after making your pizzas before your oven cools down. Save time and energy by baking treats to be enjoyed at breakfast, or plan ahead and bake enough for the next few days.

Grilling and BBQ

If you are a fan of barbequing, a woodfired pizza oven will give you some of the most pleasant flavours. The scents of smoky wood, spices, and herbs trapped in the oven infuse your meat with authentic flavours. Whether you are grilling red or white meats, the outdoor pizza oven is excellent for the job. Use a grill rack to keep your meat from touching the oven floor, and make sure you keep an eye on the temperature in the oven to control how your meal cooks.

Vegetable Roasting

Roasted vegetables are an excellent side dish for your pizza or main meal. Mix up an assortment of summer vegetables and roots in a shallow pan and slide it into your pizza oven. Carrots, brussels sprouts, squash, broccoli and asparagus are perfect when roasted in the oven. They also provide a good amount of healthy fibre to accompany your pizza or grilled meat. You can add whole grains or seeds such as corn, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and nuts to add to the texture and quality of the meal.

Slow-cooked meals

The pizza oven gives you the option of cooking with indirect heat as your coking dish does not come into direct contact with the fire. The firewood is set on one side of the oven while your dish cooks on the other. Using indirect heat enables you to prepare slow-cooked meals without consuming electricity. You can use your wood-fired pizza oven in this way for slow-cooked lamb, beef stew and other similar meals.

Heated desserts

After making a hearty meal in your pizza oven, it’s time for dessert. You can prepare heated desserts such as roasted marshmallows, grilled pineapples and roasted peaches. The best part about using an outdoor pizza oven for such desserts is that everyone can get involved. Your oven has enough space around its mouth for your friends and family to roast or grill their desserts in turns.

With these in mind, an outdoor pizza oven is an asset to your home, providing you with endless entertainment possibilities. Having meals around in outdoor spaces helps to bring people closer and encourages relationship building. Contact Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens today to kickstart your pizza oven journey.

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