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Understanding the Difference Between A Gas Heater And A Gas Fireplace

This may seem like a stupid question – but a wise man once said that there are no stupid questions only stupid answers. Understanding the difference between a gas heater and a gas fireplace is like understanding the difference between apples and oranges. They are both pieces of fruit, yet are completely different in taste, appearance, texture and nutritional value.
A gas heater and a gas fireplace have similar jobs and that is to provide warmth. That being said, they are worlds apart when it comes to appearance and features. By the end of this post, you will …

Why you should service your wood heater every spring

It’s Spring and Spring cleaning time – we’ve heard of *that* time of year when you clean your house from top to bottom, but, did you know it’s also a great time to service your wood fire heater as well.

Your wood fire heater has worked hard all through winter for you, keeping you, and your family warm, and now it’s probably in need of a little tender loving care. During the warmer months when your wood fire heater isn’t being used it’s important to have the right maintenance carried out on it, so it’s all ready to …

Spring gardening tips for your alfresco area

When you live in tropical climes (like much of Australia), the difference between winter and spring isn’t always that drastic. In snowy countries, little buds and flowers poke through the snow when the birds start to sing, warming our hearts and promoting us to ignore the messy mud and slush. But in our temperate conditions, plants flower all year round, and while spring brings more sunshine, there’s not much difference in your plant life.
It really depends on your garden plant selection though. Different species release their fruits and flowers at different times. Some of these plants respond to the levels …

Greek style pastries to try in your wood-fired oven

To get an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven for your backyard is one of the best investments you can make not only in terms of being able to offer a relaxing alfresco area for your folks to hang out but to create delectable worldly cuisine at home. Here are two delicious Greek style pastry recipes for you to try out to give the high tea a Mediterranean twist.
Best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this dessert is the perfect treat after a wood-fired meal.
Ingredients:1 packet filo pastry, 250g melted butter, 500g mixed walnuts and almonds, 1 …

Fireplace Decor Winter 2018 – Looking Back at The Highlights

2018 was one of the coldest winters in Australia for a very long time. 40 years in fact, and as everyone huddled around the fireplace at night time in their favourite pyjamas and sipping hot cocoa, at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we were run off our feet supplying Australia with the means to keep warm.

Just as important as the fireplace is the fireplace décor. It helps transform your lounge room from an icy cold tundra to a cosy and warm place to congregate with friends and family.

In this post we take a look back at our …

Try These Bread Recipes in Your Wood Fire Oven

Basic Focaccia (with several flavour options below)

600g plain flour (plus a bit extra for dusting)
2 tsp. instant yeast
570ml warm water
7 tbsp. olive oil (plus more for drizzling overtop)
1 tsp. coarse sea salt
1 small handful of rosemary sprigs


Heat your woodfire pizza oven until it’s sitting at a temperature of about 210°C.
While waiting for your oven to heat, add flour, yeast, 3 tablespoons olive oil, and salt into a bowl and mix. Once well incorporated, add half of the water and stir. Continue to add water, little by little, until dough begins to come together into a ball (you …

Why YOUR Dad Wants A Pizza Oven This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on the horizon, and it’s time to show your dad some appreciation! He’s the man in your life that has been there from day one, to pick you up when you fall along the way, to helping you buy your first car and then helping you move house. Father’s Day is a great time to show him that you acknowledge his help over the years.
At Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we recognise the importance of Father’s Day, so we’ve come up with an amazing Father’s Day promotion so you can spoil your dad and give him all …

A close look at our Pacific Energy gas heating options

Canadian company Pacific Energy has released a new range of gas heaters, these new gas heaters bring to Sydney the latest technology at an affordable price.
Mirage 18
This gas heater Sydney has been engineered to provide efficient and powerful heat for your home. This unit is more than just a heater it’s perfection. If you just want atmosphere, the Mirage can work without the fan, and on those cold nights when you want to heat your room, you can turn the fan up to 5 to blow warm air straight across your floor.
The Mirage 18

A Close Look at the Super-Energy-Efficient Alderlea Range

When winter hits, it hits hard and fast. The cool air creeps in as fast as you can find a pair of thermals and make a hot cup of tea. That’s why it’s super important to get the jump on old Jack Frost and be prepared by purchasing a heater – but not just any old heater. When choosing a heater for your home, one must take into consideration the size of the area you wish to warm and the style of heater that will suit your needs.
You’ll also take into consideration which fuel source you would like to burn. …

My Favourite Winter Feast to Do in the Pizza Oven

Cold winter temperatures are no reason to close up your outdoor wood pizza oven. There is a huge variety of breads, roasts, and delicious roasted vegetables to make in your oven all winter-long. Plus the warmth of the fire is a great reason to spend some time outdoors even on the chilliest winter day. Try out this roast pork loin for a perfect Sunday dinner, holiday meal, or just anytime you’re feeling like an extra comforting, cosy meal.
Roast Pork Loin with Roast Vegetables

2kg pork loin roasting joint, on the bone
½ Carrots, cut in large chunks
½ kg Parsnips, cut in …