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If you are concerned about your oven’s electricity consumption, then you’ve clicked on the right article! We’re big fans of the environment, and that means more than bringing our own bags to the shops and condemning plastic straws. Eco-friendly cooking is all the rage, and we can see why. It reduces your overall impact on the environment and also contributes to reducing household costs. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into how to reduce your oven’s electricity consumption.

How to create the most energy-efficient oven

Creating an oven with reduced electricity consumption is all about being smart with your cooking efforts. Listed below are our top four tips to create an energy-efficient oven.

Cook multiple dishes at the same time

If you’ve ever spent a day in the kitchen, you’ll know that cooking takes some planning and preparation. By far, the biggest tip we can give to anyone who is trying to create the most energy-efficient oven is to cook multiple dishes at the same time. While this can take some shuffling around, it helps to prevent your oven from being used for prolonged periods of time.

Don’t open your oven during the cooking process

Depending on what you’re cooking, it can be tempting to peek at the progress of your dinner. It’s important not to open the oven. By doing so, you let all of the hot air out, prolonging the overall cooking time.

Keep your oven clean

To ensure your oven uses electricity consumption efficiently, it’s important to give your oven a good clean which is something you can do every month or two, depending on how often you cook. Cleaning your oven will make a huge difference in creating the most energy-efficient oven. When your oven is clean, hot air is able to flow freely, helping your oven to become and remain more efficient.

Cook with heat-efficient dishes

While it might not be what comes to mind first, the type of dishes you cook with can make a big difference in your oven’s energy use. When trying to achieve an energy-efficient oven, opt for cooking vessels like cast iron or glass. These hold their heat and can reduce overall cooking time.

Get yourself a wood pizza oven

For those who are genuinely concerned about your oven’s energy consumption, then look into alternative options. A great option to consider is a wood pizza oven. Wood pizza ovens are incredibly energy efficient and are low maintenance. Even for those with small backyards, pizza ovens such as the Jalando JA70 Real Brick is a great option.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you’re cooking with a regular oven or a wood pizza oven, being conscious of your energy consumption is important. If you’re really looking to make the change to a more energy-efficient cooking method, discover our range of pizza ovens and get in touch with us.
Wood pizza ovens can do so much more than you might think and make an excellent addition for when you are entertaining. To keep up with recipe inspiration and other tips, follow us on social media or read through our blogs.