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pizza oven

When it comes to enhancing your property, few decisions are as enticing as adding a wood-fired pizza oven. These culinary marvels elevate your family meals and outdoor gatherings and bring a touch of rustic charm to your space. While various options are available, Jalando pizza ovens stand out as the ultimate choice for buyers. 

Factors like cost, versatility, and available accessories are undoubtedly important when considering an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. However, the Jalando oven offers a unique and exceptional experience that goes beyond the basics. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of outdoor pizza ovens, exploring what makes Jalando ovens the icing on the pizza oven cake and why they should be your top choice.

Jalando Remodels Pizza Oven Versatility

The Jalando pizza oven is a versatile outdoor and indoor appliance. Most pizza oven models come for outdoor affairs. It is a departure from a smoky ash-spewing oven. Jalando’s stylish look and versatile installation blend into any interior décor, making it the eye-catching garden upgrade that does not fail even in winter.

There are bespoke housings, materials, sizes, colours, and materials for Jalando options. The render comes in different colours; buyers can also paint it any way they desire. It fits everywhere without extensive architectural or landscaping adjustments.

The oven allows different housing styles. Some fix onto a bricked base, bench top, or the accompanying steel stand. The oven comes with wheels for portability. That is why most buyers eventually use the Jalando oven more than expected.

The KILN series boasts a rotating turntable, eliminating the need for manual pizza turning. Its management features, including temperature monitoring and cleaning, are seamlessly aligned with the ease of use found in barbecues. Plus, it comes complete with a range of accessories. With Jalando, there’s no room for disappointment.

  • Easy installation

Investing in an outdoor wood pizza oven often comes as an afterthought. Buyers prefer affordable, convenient, and easy-to-install outdoor kitchen upgrades like the Jalando ovens. Installing some of the Jalando pizza ovens is a DIY task, and they come as a DIY kit. The JA70 Real Brick comes ready-made.

The manufacturers thoughtfully back up the DIY kit with simple instructions and recommendations, making it easy for you to know the best type of concrete and foam to buy for the installation. 

For those who want to enjoy their pizzas without the DIY aspect, hiring certified contractors for the installation is possible. The installation takes about an hour.

  • Long term benefits

Once the initial excitement of a new upgrade wears off, it comes down to getting value for money. The Jalando promises to serve faithfully for at least 20 years, backed by a warranty. It is a green appliance that has greater heat retention depending on the type of wood used.

Transforming your Lifestyle with Jalando

Jalando pizza ovens are the link in transforming décor, relationships, and menus. Though classified as an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, it has much to offer as an indoor cooking appliance. It is time to upgrade the décor and bring the pizzeria home. Contact us today and choose from the Jalando pizza ovens range and flex the culinary muscle with old and new pizza recipes and home-baked delicacies.