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Who doesn’t love the great outdoors? Our city is an amazing nature fest, filled with gorgeous waterways, rocky outcrops, and lush, green nature. But it’s not just about getting out and about in our parks and vistas that we love – it’s also living a life outside in the fresh air. Cafés with a wealth of outdoor seating are in hot demand, as are our very own outdoor living areas.

If you have a home or apartment in Sydney, the chances are that it comes with a great outdoor entertaining area, be it a courtyard, balcony, or rotunda. While these outdoor living areas are an absolute delight in summer, many people don’t get much use of them in the winter. But why? When it’s not storming (as our world class storms do happen kind of often!) these can be a great place to entertain. The people who are in the know have weather-proofed their alfresco living areas, either with plastic outdoor blinds, or outdoor heaters, or, if they are smart, a combination of the two.

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And what sort of set up is great for an outdoor alfresco area, other than making it weatherproof for the winter? Adding your creature comforts, of course. Most people will choose a nice outdoor dining setting, complete with a large table and some comfortable outdoor chairs to relax in.

Most people will have a barbie, or a Webber so that they can indulge in the age old tradition of the Sunday BBQ at home. This is great both for family occasions, but for when you’re entertaining friends as well.

Still, others have clued on to the latest in alfresco entertaining, the alfresco pizza oven. Have you ever tasted a pizza made from an outdoor pizza oven? Not only are they cooked in mere minutes, but the taste can also be absolutely heavenly, once you have your dough recipe down to a fine art form.

Why We Love Alfresco Living in Sydney

Pizza parties at will are just one of the benefits of owning an outdoor wood fire pizza oven. If you’re a fan of slow cooked meats like pulled pork or lamb, then you’ll be impressed at what they can do. Just pop your full roast in overnight and let it slow cook to perfection, ready for the morning when it is juicy and falling off the bone. Pulled pork benedict for breakfast, anyone?

Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens has outdoor pizza ovens just perfect for installing in your alfresco area, ideal for afternoon pizza parties or slow cooked meats. Why not take your alfresco area to the next level by installing your very own? Our kits come as is, for self-installation, or we offer installation services for those without the time or patience to DIY.

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