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Maison’ is French for ‘house’ and it’s a suitable name for this range of indoor fireplaces. MaisonFire has a heating heritage that stretches from 1962 and is now one of the best-known providers of technologically advanced fireplaces.

MaisonFire has two main lines of furnaces – biofuel and electrical. Both these ranges are environmentally friendly. They have no carbon emissions, and they produce no smoke, so they don’t need pipes, flues, or chimneys. The advantage here is they can be positioned anywhere in the room, so they’re far more versatile in terms of style.

MaisonFire pieces are sometimes described as furniture fireplaces because their aesthetic appeal makes them such a big part of your home décor. Because they don’t need ventilation pipes or chimneys, their design is more driven by visual appeal.

MaisonFire’s Bio-ethanol furnaces extract the best past of fireplaces – beautiful live flames – while cutting out the worst part – messy lighting and smoke. Each Bio-ethanol model is designed with mesmerising plumes of fire that you can watch all day and night while using a minimum amount of fuel.

Designs range from partially enclosed models ensconced inside the wall, portable metallic box units that can sit on table-tops, and even freestanding units in the middle of the room. Most of their biofuel units have an open flame with a small glass panel in front of the flame. Some have multiple burners for extra heat. Their designs are clean, modern, and minimalist.

For an extra touch of style, you can order fake logs to place inside your bioethanol furnace. These logs are manufactured by MaisonFire and are customised for that specific purpose. They’re available in oak, birch, and Eastwood.

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MaisonFire’s second line of furnaces is powered by electricity, but its elegant design of faux flames is barely distinguishable from the real thing. Each furnace has an electric dancing flame encased in its frame, and when you watch it, it looks and sounds just like real fire, except without the pesky soot, ash, and lighting time.

Electric furnaces can be lit by touching a button, and they heat up in seconds, making them a convenient heater after a long, chilly day outdoors. The realism of the smoke and crackling flames is created using Opti-myst technology. It’s said that fire and water don’t mix, but they do now. Opti-myst vaporises water at high temperatures to produce artificial fire and smoke.

The appearance of MaisonFire electric furnaces ranges from log fires to stone embers. They can be freestanding, or placed inside the wall or pillar and sealed off with a glass panel. Some have open sides while others can be positioned inside existing fireplaces. You might worry about power consumption, but the water-based heating technology lowers your power bill.

For added beauty, some electric MaisonFire units have LED lighting for the logs and flames, giving it even more aesthetic appeal. We have a wide variety of MaisonFire units in our showrooms, so visit us today to select your favourite biofuel or electrical furnace.

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