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Here at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we have a large range of barbeque units to suit every style, taste, and budget. Our Beefeater series has various options, so whether you want a countertop unit, a portable grill on wheels, or a kettle-shaped barbeque, we have one for you.

Regarding kettle grills, our Bugg grills are available in amber and black. They have dome-shaped lids for the perfect roast and have an optional graphite finish. The BB18324 is a portable table-top unit that’s ergonomically designed for easy handling. It has removable shelving on either side that can be used to place your spices and seasonings.

The Bugg uses solid fuel, and it has an ashtray so that you can get rid of ash without unnecessarily releasing heat. It has an inbuilt thermometer in its lid, as well as an air vent. Both these features make it easier to monitor heat levels. It also has a spring loader in its cover, so it won’t slam shut or risk hurting little hands.

If you’d prefer a free-standing Bugg, try the BB18224 or the BB18326. The stylish grill stand is solid and stable, supporting the weight of the grill and placing it at a comfortable grilling height. They have grilling bowls made from cast aluminium, making them resistant to rust. The hood is plated with enamel, which retains heat better than the aluminium bowl.

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The grill burners are made from stainless steel, and the cook surfaces are coated with enamel for better heat distribution. Our Bugg units have a cooking system that’s half plate and half grill, and you can cook with the hood up or down, depending on your preferred result. Raising the lid gives you a crisper, crunchier finish.

If you’re looking for gas heaters in Sydney, we offer various grills on wheels. You could explore our Signature series. Three of our available units are fully portable, with multiple wheels and cabinets beneath the cooktop. Signature grills have a glass viewing panel that allows you to easily monitor your cuts as they cook. They have enamel roasting spits, plates, and grills, which spread heat more effectively.

Their burners are made from cast iron, and the hoods roll back with a convenient flick. The barbeque units have shelving on either side which doubles as counter space for outdoor cooking. If your grilling needs are more stationary, we have built-in table-top Signature grills in grey and black. They have welded brackets and a limited lifetime warranty.

To complete your outdoor cooking experience, consider buying a Beefeater Sink and Cabinet unit. Just like its name, it’s a stainless steel sink mounted on a portable cupboard. It goes well with a Discovery Grill or any other barbeque unit. The cabinet door is reversible.

Visit our showrooms today and view the Beefeater Barbeque Range for yourself, or call Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens today on 1300 938 346.