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Having your wood-fired pizza oven is the key to heavenly weekends full of fun, friends, and food. And as long as you have a little yard space, you can install one in less than a day and begin to enjoy awesome alfresco meals anytime you want.

At Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, we specialise in giving you the hardware to make and bake great food. Our ovens come in various shapes and sizes, and our ovens are fully organic wood-fuelled units. As for the pizza ovens, you have two options. You can install it yourself for the full DIY experience, or you can have our workmen set it up for you.

Our Alfresco ovens come in three sizes. The Midi model has dimensions of 1100 mm by 1200 mm. All our ovens are 65 mm thick, and we recommend constructing a bench to sit beneath the oven. It raises the oven to a comfortable height, and it allows space for your wood logs.

If you choose to buy a DIY midi pizza oven, we will give you full and detailed instructions on how to construct it, including guidelines on creating a concrete slab. The slab is an essential part of your pizza oven. It provides a solid cooking base, and it holds the oven together. When you buy a pre-installed oven, we will prepare the slab for you as well.

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The Alfresco midi pizza oven is an Australian brand, so you’re assured of getting the right spirit and quality. Being a local brand, you’ll also have direct access to the manufacturers in case of any problems or service needs.

The midi version of our wood fired outdoor pizza oven is a little different from traditional ovens. It combines conventional designs with modern technology to produce a cleaner look and better results. Instead of ceramic finishing on the arch, the midi oven uses a stainless steel entrance casing.

The inner dome of the pizza oven is also reinforced with stainless steel. The conduction properties of steel help to distribute heat and cook the pizza more evenly, while the structural strength of steel prevents the outer dome from caving in.

The steel arch entrance adds beauty and style to the oven, and this look is completed by the polished granite oven door. As for functionality, the oven floor is made using refractory bricks, and the floor has additional calcium silicate insulation. An insulation blanket helps to hold even more heat inside the oven, and a wire render helps to secure it in place.

For ease of baking, the oven kit comes with a pizza paddle and poker. The insulation blanket contains ceramic fibre, and it can withstand temperatures of up 1200 °C. The oven is topped with a stainless steel flue for ventilation. Like all wood-fired ovens, this pizza oven imbues food with a deliciously smoky flavour that puts it far above commercially delivered pizza.

Give us a call today and order your very own pizza oven. Our number is 1300 938 346.