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In Italy, wood fire pizza ovens are known as Forno – or simply a wood oven. These ovens are generally built as outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens and use wood as the heat source for cooking. There are two types of pizza ovens – white ovens and black ovens. The difference between the two is that one uses wood and the other uses a bi-product fuel – gas. To heat up a black oven, you need to insert wood into the chamber; the food is then cooked in the same chamber next to where the fire is simmering. Food can also be cooked once the oven is nice and hot, the embers are removed and the food is then inserted to cook.

To heat up a white oven heat is transferred using a separate combustion chamber and also a fuel gas path. This way the oven stays clean – or *white*.

Traditional wood fire pizza ovens can be made of cast iron, cob, adobe or masonry. Woodfire pizza ovens are different from wood stoves – cooking stoves have flat cooking surfaces for pots and pans.

Alfresco Traditional Courtyard Pizza Oven
Alfresco Traditional Courtyard Pizza Oven

At Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens – the Traditional Courtyard Pizza Oven has a range of features – including:

  • A large internal cooking area
  • Super-fast and very economical the oven is ready to use in as little as 45 minutes
  • Cool to touch walls makes the oven-safe – especially around small children
  • The wide mouth allows for larger roasting trays
  • Luxury granite entrance plate supplied to the Traditional Courtyard and Midi as standard
  • Premium quality refractory materials including locally sourced Beverly Clay
  • Choice of colours and finishes are available
  • All ovens come supplied with a set of stainless steel oven tools
  • Locally manufactured stainless-steel flue and cowl
  • All ovens are available in D.I.Y kits or as preassembled units
  • D.I.Y kits contain all the materials you need to build the oven – including renders
  • Luxury stainless steel entrance plates are supplied to the Traditional Original and entire Wildfire range as standard
  • Seven days of phone support and easy to follow instructions

With a simple home wood fire pizza oven, you can produce up to 50 pizzas a day – assuming you’d want to and that’s because a pizza oven is designed to handle continuous use and extreme temperatures, so they can literally bake – nonstop if they need to, but of course, at home, you probably won’t even use your pizza oven every day. Pizza ovens are great for parties and whenever you feel like you want to enjoy a pizza or roast for dinner.

Pizza ovens also look great! Available in a range of colours and finishes they are stylish and very easy to use. If you have a large kitchen, you can have your pizza oven set up inside, or you can have a pizza oven installed in your courtyard.

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