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First off, Beefeater is a great name for a barbecue unit. Second, you may or may not know what a Beefeater actually is outside of its non-vegetarian implications. Beefeaters are the stern-faced guards at the Tower of London. They stand completely still and maintain their blank facial expressions despite determined tourist attempts to draw a reaction.

Back in the world of barbecue, Beefeater BBQ units range in style from spaceship-looking designs to units that have their own kitchen sink. They are well-made, reliable, and easy to maintain. Choose a tabletop model or a freestanding outdoor unit. At Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens, you can browse our three showrooms and explore nearly 20 Beefeater models.

Because Beefeaters are often used outdoors, they come with weatherproof construction. Their bodies are made of stainless steel or porcelain enamel. These materials are rust proof and easy to clean since you can easily wipe off grease stains and debris.

Beefeater units are not just convenient cookers. Many of them form a complete outdoor kitchen. Some units come with kitchen cabinets for safe storage of food and utensils. And as we mentioned before, there are units that are fitted with sinks that can be directly connected to a municipal water source to enable running water.

If you’d prefer your barbecue system to be fully mobile, you can pick a Beefeater unit on wheels. We have nearly ten wheeled units, and the wheels have an easy-lock system to hold them in place while you cook. This offers more mobility and fewer farcical accidents.

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On the other hand, when you have a minimal workspace, a countertop model might suit you better. Our Bugg model may look adorably cute, but it really brings the heat. Although it uses solid fuel pellets, it has a side door for easy cleaning and heat retention.

It has a curvy design and its handles make it easy to open, close, clean, and use. Its swing lid covers food for faster, more flavourful cooking. Heat is controlled using the lid thermometer and air inlets. Colour options are graphite and amber, and there are optional standing versions.

Other table-top models include the Signature 3000 series and the Discovery 1000. These are available both as counter-top and wheeled free-standing options. They have gas dials for easy roasting, side racks to store condiments, and glass viewing panels to check browning.

If you’re ready to go all out, you could try the Beefeater Artisan unit. It’s a comprehensive outdoor kitchen unit designed in an L-shaped layout. It’s an all-in-one stainless steel unit with four burners, a sink, counter tops, storage cabinets, and a fridge.

At Sydney Heaters & Pizza ovens, we like to give our customers everything they need to start cooking. Our Beefeater units come fully installed, and we’ll throw in a cookbook to spark your culinary activities. And, for the record, it’s okay to cook vegetables in your Beefeater.

To get your own Beefeater or to explore our pizza oven and heater range, call us today on 1300 723 908.