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A Beefeater BBQ for every home

Here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we believe our customers deserve the best. That’s why we offer a wide range of Beefeater barbecues to transform your outdoor living space into something special. Whether you have a small deck or patio with limited cooking space, or you want the biggest and best BBQ available, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of your preference for stainless steel BBQs or cast iron, Beefeater offers something for everyone. For small BBQ dinners for two or entertaining lots of guests, you’ll find Beefeater BBQs in Sydney to suit your needs.


Beefeater BBQs to save space

When you’ve got a smaller outdoor area, owning a large 5 burner BBQ is not always practical – it takes up space, and you sacrifice comfort. Fortunately, Beefeater BBQs come in space-saving models that suit any environment. The Bugg range gives you plenty of room for grilling without the large, bulky frame. If you still want a bit of storage space underneath, the 3-burner Discovery model is perfect. Just because you’re short on outdoor space, it never means you should go without the joy of outdoor cooking!


Benchtop grilling solutions

If you’ve already got bench space in your outdoor area, it doesn’t always make sense to take up extra room with a full BBQ. That’s why most Beefeater models come in cost-effective and convenient benchtop versions. You can choose to install one of these incredible, feature-packed Beefeater BBQs with a custom outdoor kitchen setting, or simply use them on your existing surfaces.


Premium Beefeater barbecues

If you’re passionate about outdoor cooking and grilling, then only the best will do. Beefeater offers several premium BBQs in both benchtop and standalone models – it’s just about choosing which features are most important to you. Glass panel hoods for easy monitoring, side burners, cupboard storage underneath or convenient racks on the side are all part of the Beefeater BBQ range. Visit us today for the very best Beefeater BBQs in Sydney at affordable prices.