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The right tools can transform how your indoor fireplace operates. This applies to electric, gas, and wood-fired units. Having every accessory ready means no delays when you want to get warm.

The following are the must-have accessories for your indoor fireplace or heater.


A fireback is a cast iron plate placed on the back of your indoor fireplace to protect the wall. Besides protection, the fireback radiates the heat it absorbs, keeping your house warmer.

Additionally, most firebacks have beautiful decorations, forming a good base for other fireplace accessories.

Fireplace Screens

Glowing flames are exciting to watch, but ash, flying embers, and hot debris can land on you if you aren’t careful. Installing a fireplace screen ensures the embers and ashes don’t destroy your carpet and furniture or injure your kids and pets.

Most fireplace screens have a heavy-gauge mesh to keep the flames inside the firebox. If you love stylish designs, you can opt for hardened glass screens.

Fire Pokers

Fire pokers are long metal rods that allow you to keep the fire burning from a safe distance. These rods are made using fireproof material and have insulated handles for easy use.

Pokers are handy when managing fires in a wood-fired heater, as they allow you to turn unburnt logs safely. This makes the fire burn for longer, producing less smoke. Also, if it gets too hot, you can use the rods to spread the logs and regulate the heat.


A hearth is a non-combustible material installed below the fireplace to protect the floor against fire damage. It also extends beyond the firebox preventing debris that flies out of the heater from damaging the carpet.

Besides, hearths have a decorative design that enhances room aesthetics, especially if they blend with your flooring material.

Fireplace Andirons with a Grate

Fireplace andirons are two upright metals with beams for laying the wood. These were popular during the Roman Empire when people used them to lift the fire off the ground to allow proper aeration. The more air the firebox gets, the better the combustion and the more heat it produces.

Furthermore, improved aeration results in less soot. This is good for the environment and makes cleaning the fireplace easier.

You can place the wood directly on the andiron beams. In large fireplaces, it’s possible to use tree trunks as fire fuel. You’ll need a grate on the andiron beams for domestic fireplaces to hold the logs.

Ash Buckets

Accumulated ash interferes with airflow and affects heat production. However, removing ashes after every fire is tedious, so you need an ash bucket.
The buckets have a shovel and a lid, making it easy to collect the ashes. They also come with wooden handles for added safety.


You require the best accessories if you want a hassle-free experience with your fireplace. Contact Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens today for the best indoor and outdoor heating and cooking equipment.


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