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Although Aussie winters don’t get as frigid as America or Europe, they are cold and sometimes uncomfortable. So keeping warm is best if you want to avoid winter blues and reduce the flu risk. And there’s no better way to stay warm than by installing a fireplace!

Nothing beats cosying up around a fireplace during winter: a focal point for family gatherings. Even in warmer months, the fireplace can be a beautiful design feature within your home.

Here are useful tips on making your fireplace the centre of attraction.

Rearrange Furniture to Face the Fireplace

First, rearrange your sofas and armchairs so that they face the fireplace. The objective is to achieve a square outline, with the seats on three sides and the fireplace on the other. Then, place a lovely coffee table in the middle of the square. 

When arranging your furniture, maintain a safe distance from the heat sources. The high temperatures from the fireplace can damage your furniture or even cause fires.

Also, the arrangement shouldn’t obscure a view of the fireplace. If so, you’ll work against the objective, accentuating its design. That said, placing an accent chair beside the fireplace does no harm.

Lastly, leave enough room between the furniture and the fireplace. You don’t want people walking too close to the fire.

Light It Up

Do you know you can turn a fireplace into the focal point using lights? Installing artful sconces on either side accentuates the structural details of your mantelpiece. When switched on, the lights spotlight your living room’s favourite structure.

If you have a non-functional, ornamental fireplace, the lights’ warm glow is the perfect substitute for the bright orange flames.

Use a Mirror

Most fireplaces leave a large, bare wall above them. These spaces usually look awkward and empty – the best way to fill them is to hang an oversized mirror.

Mirrors are a great addition that makes spaces look bigger and more inviting and add character to a room. Your interior décor dictates the frame type on the mirror. If you like rusticity, a wood frame is ideal. For a contemporary outlook, use a metallic gold frame.

Add a Personal Touch

Personalising your fireplace is an effective way of turning it into your room’s focal point. However, when doing this, it’s vital to avoid getting carried away.

Most fireplaces are small, limiting your space to at most one square metre. If you don’t check how many personal items you add, you might end up cluttering the space.

Start by picking a favourite family photo or a painting that means something to you. Then, incorporate others, ensuring you leave enough space in-between to avoid a mess.

Wrapping Up

A fireplace combines the feeling of warmth and comfort. Besides, it can boost your home’s value.

Fireplaces can be tricky to decorate, especially if you want to make them your room’s focal point. It’s why people tend to overlook them. The tips mentioned above can help transform your mantelpiece into a masterpiece. Ensure you observe safety when decorating your hearth because fire is dangerous.

Suppose you are looking for a traditional or modern fireplace, wood-fired or electric; Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens have something to cater for different needs. Contact us today for more information.

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