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Many wood-burning heaters in Australia are only lit during the cold season and forgotten for the rest of the year. Yet, a wood burner needs regular maintenance all year round.

Dormant wood fireplaces can support the build-up of impurities and the habitation of pests. It is best to keep your wood heaters clean during the warm seasons. It is easier to perform deep cleaning activities when your fireplace is not operational.

This article outlines a few steps you should take to clean and prepare your wood heater for use in the winter. Read on for essential wood heater maintenance points.

Inspect your wood burning heater

When preparing your wood fire for the season, begin with a thorough inspection. Check for cracks, holes or weaknesses in your heater’s structure.

Identifying irregularities early gives you the chance to call in expert technicians for repairs before the season sets in. It also gives you time to shop for a new heating appliance without the pressure of sleeping in the cold.

Ashes and Creosote

Enhance the efficiency and safety of your wood fire by clearing out old ashes and creosote build up in your chimney. Sweep and vacuum the ashes from previous seasons before lighting up your wood heater. Old ashes can reduce the efficiency of your burner by absorbing heat. Also, the older ashes could contain impurities that can contaminate your internal environment.

Creosote is a substance that can accumulate in the chimneys, pipes or flue of your fireplace due to the condensation of unburnt gases. Creosote is flammable and can cause accidental fires. Yet, elimination of creosote is easy with an extended stiff wire chimney brush.

Brush the fireplace walls

When your fireplace is left idle for long, oily residue may settle on the walls and foster the growth of bacteria and fungus. You may find that the walls, floor and grills in your fireplace feel sticky, especially if you have used the fireplace as a barbeque.

Brushing your fireplace walls strips away layers of impurities, grime and soot that can contaminate the air. Brushing also restores the original colour and lustre of your fireplace. Clean fireplaces can double as woodfired pizza ovens on occasion.

Clean the glass door

Many space heaters in Sydney have glass doors that help to control the flow of heat into your room. Cleaning the glass door restores its clarity and transparency. The glass door acts as a window enabling you to enjoy the view into the centre of the wood-burning flames.

The visual connection to the fire can have a therapeutic effect and evoke feelings of tranquillity and peace. A dirty glass door is noticeable by anyone in the room; cleaning your wood burner’s door communicates that you are responsible and pay attention to details.

To sum up, there are several ways to prepare your wood heater for the season. These preparation methods also apply if you have woodfired ovens or outdoor heaters in Sydney. If you need expert advice or access to the best heating appliances in the region, call or visit us today. At Sydney Heaters, our staff prioritises customer satisfaction and are always ready to help you.

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