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Euro Fireplaces is a Victoria-based business with European style at the heart of its products. The team at Euro Fireplaces is in tune with the European market and is able to bring efficient and sophisticated design principles back to Australia.

Euro Fireplaces imports energy-efficient fireplaces from Europe, adding an element of sophistication to the Australian heater market. The company’s range of wood heaters is incredibly sleek and well-suited for a contemporary home. Heaters from Euro Fireplaces are available in numerous colours, shapes and finishes to provide customers with plenty of options to suit their homes.

Not only are the products beautifully designed, but they are also simple to light and clean, requiring only a small number of logs to stay lit. Wood heaters from Euro Fireplaces burn cleanly, with low particle emission levels.

Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens is proud to offer wood heaters from Euro Fireplaces. View our selection below.