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The Euro Fireplaces Landshut heater has a unique ceramic tile finish, which looks clean and stylish and provides an efficient heat bank. It also has a useful compartment underneath the firebox for storage of wood logs. Once lit, the fire will start to warm straight away and will very quickly warm your house through natural convection. This is also a very clean burner with a low emission rating. Wood consumption is also low and you will only need to burn 1.8 kg of wood per hour and still keep your house well heated and comfortable throughout the winter. The Landshut will heat a spacious area of up to 240 m2 and has an impressive efficiency rating of 73%. The tile heat bank means that the heater will continue to warm your house for hours, even after the fire has gone out. Ember retention is at least 6 hours.


Dimensions (mm) h 1046 w 780 d 371
Weight 137 kg
Heating capacity 240 sqm
Efficiency AUS / EU 73% / 82%
Wood Consumption at medium burn rate 1.8 kg / hr
Emissions 1.3 gram
Ceramic Tile Heatbank Fitted
Ember Retention 6 hours+

* Heating capacity depends on building characteristics, insulation quality and heat bank addition.


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