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The Cadiz Serpentino is a truly unique beautiful looking cylindrical heater. It is not only very stylish and a great feature in your living areas, it is well designed for maximum efficiency, practicality and heat output. This wood heater uses Serpentino soapstone to retain heat. This type of soapstone is one of the best natural materials for absorption and retention of heat. For higher retention, a 20 kg heat bank can be fitted to this model which boosts ember retention to more than 8 hours. This means your house will stay snug and warm all night even after the fire has gone out. The Cadiz Serpentino is a very efficient heater and you will only need about 1.8 kg of wood for every hour the fire is burning. The heater will warm large areas of up to 240 m2. This is a very clean heater with emissions as low as 0.8 g per kg of wood burned.

Heatbank Available

  • Firebox Type: Andorra
  • Dimension (mm): h 1467 w 530 d 465
  • Weight: 183kg
  • Output Range: 4-12kW
  • Heating Capacity: 170sm to 240sm
  • Efficiency AUS/EU: 67% / 81%
  • Wood Consumption at medium burn rate: 2kg/hr
  • Finish: Steel and Soapstone
  • Colours: Soapstone
  • Flue Size/Outlet/Length: 150/4m from heater
  • External Air Supply: Yes
  • Log Size: Approximately 33 cm
  • Clearance – Back/Side/Corner Type: 250mm/300mm/170mm
  • Heat Bank (Ceramics or Stone): Yes
  • Heat Bank (Refractory Concrete): Available
  • Warranty: 2 Years Manufacturers +2 Years Euro Fireplaces
  • Emissions: 0.8 gram


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