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The Andorra Exclusive has everything – unique and stylish cylindrical design on a pedestal plus superior functionality and cost-saving efficiency. The large panoramic window makes this fire a lovely feature in your home, providing warmth and a cosy atmosphere. It’s easy to see why this fire is Euro Fireplaces’ most popular model. Clever design and top quality materials means that this fire will produce instant warmth just minutes after lighting and will heat your home extremely quickly within about 20 minutes, perfect for when you come in from a cold winter’s day. The Andorra Exclusive is extremely efficient and very clean. It can heat an area of up to 240 m2. You will be doing your bit for the environment plus saving significant fuel bill costs with this choice of model. Emissions are only 0.8 g per kg of wood burned, well below Australian limits of 1.5 g. Wood usage is as low as 1.8 kg per hour. This fire also comes with an optional 20 kg heat bank which will extend ember retention from at least 6 hours to more than 7.

Heatbank Available

  • Large panoramic glass window
  • Subtle door handle and operation system
  • Low emission
  • Elevated firebox allows fantastic view of fire
  • Heat bank technology available, as well as stylish soapstone top
  • Tested to AUS / NZ Standard 4012, 4013:1999