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The Wiesbaden wood heater is a stunning model and a beautiful feature in any home. It has been designed with a double-glazed glass sides as well as a wide glass frontage so that you can sit and enjoy the flames and ambience from any angle. The heater provides very efficient warmth through natural convection, and extra benefit is gained from radiant heat through the glass side panels. It can heat a large area of at least 170 m2. The cleverly-designed single air control lever means you can warm your room very quickly once the fire is lit. The Wiesbaden’s minimalist design of black steel finish also comes with discreet enclosed compartment underneath the firebox for easy wood storage. This is a very efficient heater and very clean with emission rates as low as 1.3 g per kg of wood burned. Fuel costs are low as you will only need 1.8 kg of wood per hour for fuel. Ember retention is more than 5 hours.

Technical Info

Coverage Up to 240m2
Fan No
Peak Heat Output 8kW
Burn Time 5+ hours
Efficiency 72%
Emissions 1.5g/KG%
Maximum Log Size 330mm
Dimensions H1021/W549/D390mm
Warranty 5 year


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