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The Alvesta wood heater, designed by Thorma, is one of Euro Fireplaces’ best-selling fires. It is more compact than the popular Falun wood heater and useful if you only have a small space to fit it into. Its design is a neat, contemporary style with a large viewing window, providing beautiful cosy ambience in your space as well as real warmth and comfort. The Alvesta is a powerful and efficient fire and will heat a large area of up to 240 m2. Its efficiency means that fuel use is minimal and the manufacturers estimate that you will burn only about 1.7 kg of wood per hour. Its efficiency rating is 72% Australian rating. Ember retention is good and will last for up to 5 hours. This can be increased to 6 hours with installation of a heat bank, so that your appliance will continue to warm your house overnight through natural convection. This heater is designed in Europe using advanced fresh air intake systems, which maximise oxygen available to feed the fire to increase heat output into your home.

Heatbank Available


Coverage Up to 240m2
Fan no
Peak Heat Output 8kW
Burn Time Up to 5 hours (6+ with heatbank)
Efficiency 72%
Emissions 1.3g/KG
Maximum Log Size 330mm
Dimensions H927/W549/D390mm
Warranty 5 year firebox


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