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The Falun Ceramic comes from the very popular Falun range designed and manufactured by Slovakian company Thorma. This wood fire can heat a space of up to 240 m2. This heater has a cream ceramic tile finish that provides style and interest but also crucially provides an excellent heat bank. As a result, the Falun Ceramic is extremely efficient and absorbs and retains heat for many hours. It’s not surprising that this heater is one of Euro Fireplaces’ most popular heat bank models. This heater also comes with an optional heat bank made of refractory concrete which increases ember retention to at least 7 hours. The Falun Ceramic is cleverly designed with an easy-to-operate single sliding lever for both primary and secondary air intakes so that it heats up instantly and will quickly warm your house through natural convection. This is a very clean heater with low emissions. Its sleek design also includes an enclosed compartment for wood storage.

Heatbank Available

  • Easy operation air flow mechanism
  • Storage compartment
  • Independent air supply feature
  • Pleasing aesthetics paired with high efficiency and low wood consumption
  • Tested to AUS / NZ Standard 4012, 4013:1999

Technical Info

Coverage Up to 240m2
Fan no
Peak Heat Output 8kW
Burn Time Up to 6 hours (7+ with heatbank)
Efficiency 72%
Emissions 1.3g/KG
Maximum Log Size 330mm
Dimensions H1034/W628/D386mm
Warranty 5 year firebox


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