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Euro Fireplaces’ Olbia is a sleek, metallic black steel finish heater combines style with high-tech functionality and efficiency. This fire is made by one of Europe’s leading wood heater manufacturers, Haas & Sohn. It has a high heat output and is capable of warming large areas of up to 280 m2. This is a highly efficient heater and wood consumption is low at about 2 kg per hour, saving on fuel costs and reducing impact on the environment at the same time. It comes with an optional heat bank made of 52 kg high-density magnesite heat storage blocks, giving the fire superior heat retention of at least 10 hours so that you can keep your home warm 24 hours a day throughout the winter. Even without the optional heat bank ember retention is still at least 9 hours. The Olbia comes in a metallic black finish and is beautifully designed with a distinct contemporary European feel. It is also a very practical choice and comes with a large compartment underneath the firebox, handy for log storage.

Heatbank Available

Heat Retention

Olbia uses 52 kg of high density magnesite heat storage blocks for extra-long heat retention. (8+) Coalretention 7+


Stated clearances are to combustible materials (stud walls etc.).
Clearances for non-combustible material: please keep a 100mm gap to allow correct airflow.

Technical Info.

Coverage Up to 280m2
Fan no
Peak Heat Output 14kW
Burn Time Up to 8 hours (10+ with heatbank)
Efficiency 70%
Emissions 1.5g/KG
Maximum Log Size 330mm
Dimensions H1150/W540/D590mm
Warranty 5 year firebox

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