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Wood-burning heaters require firewood to slowly and evenly heat your home. They come in two types depending on the insulation in your house. Radiant wood heaters project heat to those next to them, while convection wood heaters circulate heat around a room.

Read on to discover the most efficient wood heater in Australia for your home.


What to Look for When Choosing A Wood Heater

Before installing wood-fired heaters, you need to consider a few things. Besides looking at your home layout, check your preferred size and whether you want an inbuilt or freestanding heater. In addition, confirm that it can heat the number of rooms you want.

The different models of wood heaters available are also priced differently. Choose one that is cost-saving, performs efficiently, and matches the decor in your house. Lastly, purchase one that fits the layout of your house, as you may not need to heat every room.


2 Of the Best Wood Heaters from Our Collection

Installing a wood-burning heater that will heat your house evenly and sufficiently requires a lot of research. Here are Australia’s top 2 most efficient wood heaters. While similar in brand, they offer the highest efficiency but differ in model, appearance, and price.


1.      WS 18 Freestanding Wood Heater

With a brick-lined firebox, this elegant wood-burning heater has an 85% efficiency rate and is Australia’s most efficient wood heater. It can easily heat 210 sqm and is easy to clean and maintain while going easy on your pocket.

2.      WS 22 Freestanding Wood Heater

With an 82% efficiency rating, this wood fire heater can heat up to 280sqm of space. It comes from a US manufacturer and meets all Australian indoor fire standards. Besides being of high-quality steel material, it produces very low emissions and has a lifetime warranty.


Why Our Wood Heaters Are Fuel Efficient

Our wide range of wood burning heaters offer the most comfort and versatility. They will heat your entire home at a low cost with the option of being a pizza oven. Here are the top reasons why our wood heaters are highly reliable.

  • Constant Heat during Power Cuts

Should your home experience a power outage, you also lose central heating. However, wood-burning heaters do not require electricity to work. If you have enough wood, your fire will burn throughout the year. You’ll not have to worry about unexpected power cuts.

  •  Increases Home Value

Homes with an inbuilt or freestanding wood heater have a higher value and will cost more. New homeowners are always looking for houses with extra amenities and comforts. As a result, they are willing to spend more to own the home.

  • Reduces Power Costs

Unlike central heating or gas heaters, wood heaters reduce electricity costs. Power costs keep increasing; the more you use, the higher your bill. However, you can burn wood every winter to heat your home and spend a little money as wood is readily available.

  • Natural Smells

If you want your home to have a pleasant smell, use aromatic wood types in your wood heater. Firewood does not smell the same, so choose what you and your family prefer to have a natural-smelling home.

  • Beautiful Focal Point

A wood-burning heater is stylish and attractive. It creates the perfect focal point for your living or family room. Friends and family can gather around it to stay warm or watch television, as most homeowners have one above the fire.

  • Lighting Alternative

If you want an intimate living room setting, use your wood heater as the primary light source. It is the perfect setting for a lazy evening to switch off overhead lights and enjoy a family movie night.


An efficient wood heater should offer you the best heating solution at the best price. Certified installers stock various models and designs and will advise you on which one suits your home. We recommend you choose a multi-purpose freestanding one to get the most out of it.

Talk to Sydney Heaters today on email or call us on 1300 723 908 if you are looking for a reliable wood-burning heater. Our expert team will take you through the available options with a seamless installation process. In no time, your home will be stylishly cosy throughout the year while saving you electric costs.

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