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The WS 22 freestanding wood heater is made by US manufacturer Heatlilator, one of the world’s leading fire companies. This heater comes from Heatilator’s Eco Choice range and is known for being one of the cleanest burning and most efficient wood heaters on the market. The WS 22 will heat a large area of up to 280 m2 and has an impressive 82% heating efficiency, which is great for the environmental and great for keeping fuel bills low. Emissions are very low at 1.2 g per kg of wood burned. This freestanding fire also makes a beautiful majestic centrepiece in any living space, no matter what your style or décor. It is made from high-quality durable steel construction with a brick-lined firebox. Like the WS 18, the WS 22 features easy single lever operation and an air wash system which helps keep the viewing window clean. Heatilator’s mission is to provide quality dependable heaters that are good value. This wood heater also comes with a lifetime warranty.

WS22 Specification

  • Clean Burning 1.2g/kg
  • 82% Heating Efficiency
  • Up to 280sqm heat capacity
  • Complies with relevant Australian Standard 4012/4013 & 2918.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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