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When it comes to camping cookouts, you have countless choices and ideas. However, portable grills are the best. Lightweight, compact, and easy to move, most portable grills are electric, allowing you to hook them to your RV power outlet and start cooking. Some models use charcoal, providing an alternative to people without electricity. 

Electric models are ideal because many camping sites prohibit open flames. On the downside, they rarely achieve high temperatures like charcoal and gas models, despite gaining heat quickly. 


Why Should You Carry a Portable BBQ Grill?

Cooking a hot dog and other quick snacks over an open flame is easy, but it can be quite stressful to prepare a meal or grill meat using it. Besides, here are the top reasons to carry a portable BBQ on your next camping trip.



You must have high-quality firewood to cook over an open fire. Chemically-treated wood is a fire hazard, and it can be illegal to source timber from nearby forests, compelling you to purchase expensive firewood. 

On the contrary, portable BBQs save you the trouble of looking for firewood. Connect electric models to a power outlet or gas-powered units to a portable propane cylinder. 



The most significant hindrance when cooking over an open fire is weather, especially rain or wind. Rain wets wood, making it challenging to start fires, while strong winds blow flames and ashes around the cooking pot, making cooking difficult. 

Portable BBQs are usable regardless of the prevailing weather. Your campers will always be full, whether it’s rainy or windy. 


Ease of Packing

Many campers think cooking over an open flame is convenient because you only have to pack the food. In reality, cooking using open flames requires many pieces of equipment. For instance, you’ll need a cast-iron pan, which is weighty. You’ll also require a tripod stand and heavy-duty pots to withstand the open flames. 

Conversely, portable BBQs are lightweight, compact, and easy to set up. It’s certainly easier to pack than the tools needed to cook on an open fire!


What Can You Cook on Your Camping Trip?

Here are some essential camping snacks you can prepare on your portable grill.

  • Noodles, rice, and pasta are easy to prepare, as they only require hot water.
  • Canned foods – you can eat them straight from the can or heat them a little.
  • Instant coffee – requires only hot water. 

Besides the abovementioned classics, you can make a project meal like paella or pizzas the highlight of your camping trip. Alternatively, you can spend evenings grilling meats and veggies like chicken, eggplants, mushrooms, peppers, etc. 


When to Grill

Camping offers an escape from the city’s bright night lights, allowing you to enjoy clear night skies and grill under the stars. Switch on a few dim-lit camping lights, feel the breeze, and enjoy your barbecued meal – an effect you’ll treasure forever. 


Final Words

Dirty utensils and food leftovers are unsightly. Ensure you clean the plates, cups, and surroundings after enjoying your tasty meals. More importantly, remove grease and stuck food particles from your grill to have it easy the next time you cook. 

A portable BBQ grill is a must-have camping accessory. Contact Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens today for the best-in-class grilling units. 


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