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If you’ve ever experienced a winter in Sydney, you’ll know how bitterly cold it gets, and you will have the heater cranked almost every day. Although this is fine for the short-term, the long-term costs of heating with gas or electricity can fluctuate and skyrocket at any time. As a result of this uncertainty, you may have considered a wood fired heater, and have wondered if it’s cheaper to heat your home with a wood stove.


Here at Sydney Wood Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we get asked this question all the time. Whether people are looking to move towards a natural heating alternative or reduce their costs, this is always a topic of discussion. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into whether it’s cheaper to heat your home with a wood stove and the pros and cons.


What other options are worth heating your home with?


There are only two options when we look at other alternatives to wood-fired heaters. These are gas and electric. Gas heating within your home is an ideal choice for those who are looking to avoid any maintenance. In comparison, electric heating is convenient as this is what usually comes installed within the majority of homes in Sydney. However, neither of these options can match the experience of sitting in front of a wood fired heater.


Pros of heating your home with a wood fired heater


If you have ever walked into a home with a wood fire crackling away, you’ll know the immediate comfort and cosiness it brings. Potentially, the biggest pro about wood fired heaters is the ambience they create.


Aside from looks, wood fired heaters are incredibly practical. They hold onto the heat they produce and, more specifically, are between 60%-80% more efficient compared to other options. The overall cost is much less than other heating solutions such as gas and electric. Additionally, when you have a wood fired heater in your home, you’re also more mindful of lighting a fire than flippantly turning on a heater.


Cons of heating your home with a wood fired heater


No matter which heating solution you choose to go with, all will have their own pros and cons. A wood fired heater isn’t excluded from this. The initial investment is usually higher than other alternatives. However, the long-term cost of running them is much cheaper.


If you’re after a low maintenance option, then a wood-fired heater isn’t for you. Wood fired heaters need regularly scheduled cleaning and general maintenance.


Final Thoughts


Wood heaters are unmatched in terms of the ambience and cosiness they bring to a home. They can completely transform a space. If you’re interested in adding everlasting warmth to your home, then get in touch with us. Our highly experienced team provides a professional opinion on what heater is best for your home. In the meantime, follow us on social media and read through our blogs to stay up to date with the latest insider information.


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