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Several factors work together to ensure your wood fire burns efficiently. The combination of wood quality, versatile accessories, and your skills enhance the performance of your wood burning heater.

This article features four accessories that can improve the efficiency of your wood fire. Read on to find out how these accessories can help you manage your fire better.

Wood Fire Accessories

Your choice of wood heater accessories can enhance its functionality and aesthetic value in your home. The accessories you need depend on your preferences and the function of your wood heater. Below are four accessories that are suitable for several applications.

1.     Wood Heater Hearth

A hearth is a noncombustible material that you install underneath your heater to protect the flooring from fire damage. The hearth should also cover the immediate surrounding flooring around your heater so that the occasional sparks that fly from your heater would land on the hearth rather than your timber floor or carpet. Hearths also protect your flooring from scratches and charred firewood stains.

A quality hearth enhances the aesthetics of your room by enabling your wood heater to blend in better with your room décor. Outdoor wood pizza ovens also need hearths to keep the fire away from your lawn and provide a solid working area with easy oven access. At Sydney Heaters, we specialise in high-quality hearths that give your wood heaters an elegant appeal. Our most popular hearths are the VLAZE heaths made from vitreous enamel material, famous for their striking design and ease of maintenance.

2.     Wood Oven Heat Shield

A heat shield is a heat-resistant panel that you install behind a wood oven to protect the wall. Wood burning stoves occasionally generate intense heat that could damage a combustible wall. Like heaths, heat shields enhance safety while elevating the design features of your oven.

We supply high-quality vitreous enamel VLAZE heat shields made to match our VLAZE heaths and iconic wood-burning heaters. Our heat shields provide extra heat protection that enables you to mount your freestanding heater closer to the wall. Our heat shields can reduce the recommended wall clearance for your wood heater by up to 80%, from 200mm to 40mm. This accessory enables you to gain more floor space without losing heating efficiency or compromising safety.

3.     Glass Oven Doors

Installing glass doors on woodfired ovens in Sydney provides an extra layer of protection for your home. The glass doors enable you to enjoy the sight and sounds of the crackling flames without the risk of flying sparks or flints landing on your carpet. Also, glass doors ensure that any smoke generated goes up the chimney rather than into your room.

4.     Wood Fire Pokers

Fire pokers are long metal accessories that enable you to maintain your fire from a safe distance. Pokers are made from fireproof material and have insulated handles for safe use. You can make the most out of your fire by using the poker to move the unburnt wood into the flames. This enables you to keep the fire going longer. Also, if the fire gets too hot, you can use the poker to spread out the firewood to prevent the fuel from burning out too fast.

Any risk of using woodfired ovens in Sydney can be easily avoided with the appropriate equipment and accessories. Specialised wood fire accessories enhance your safety and help you save fuel. When you have the best wood fire accessories, it is easy to learn how to use them.

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